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  1. "Just look, the golden turtle is drinking blood".....Unsatisfied Greed - A Continent in Ashes
    by Mathias Grassow
  2. Glory To God
    by Noel McCalla
    Charismatic voice of Manfred Mann's Earth Band doing his best. Light, sad, good music.
  3. Pizarro & Atahuallpa - Power & Pride
    by Mathias Grassow
  4. The mystery of the rose - Ave Maria
    by Mathias Grassow
  5. Groung (Crane) earlier take
    by Zabelle Panosian
  6. Song About Stalin
    by Ashoug Esslam Yousobof
  7. From Taschkent... (Sufi - Part I) (2009)
    by Mathias Grassow
  8. Love Me Leave Me (Original Album Mix)
    by Anji Bee
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Love Me Leave Me (Lovespirals "Baeleric Chill" Mix)
    by Anji Bee
  10. New Life (Single)
    by Anji Bee
    Dreamy, light, poetic. The music to relax, to think, to dream.
  11. The Lyre of Thamyris
    by Michael Levy
    Pleasant relaxing melody. Just imagime yourself in the garden in Ancient Greece near warm sea, sea breeeze is flowing... Music to relax and to enjoy life.
  12. Golgotha
    by W.A.S.P.
  13. Crossing the Trail - deluxe 20th anniversary edition
    by vidnaObmana
  14. PLANET X
    by Dmitriy Nelepin
    Long road to your Love Long road to your Love
    Impressive cosmic electronic music! If you like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jonn Serrie - it's music for you.
    appears in 1 other collection
  15. Opal (Previously Unreleased + Complete Mixed Album included)
    by Klaus Wiese
  16. Galata Manes
    by Marika Papagika
  17. Anima
    by Frore & Shane Morris
  18. Glacier
    by Space Megalithe
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. 50 Years TD...Tribute
    by F.D.Project
  20. A Temple In The Clouds
    by Jeffrey Fayman & Robert Fripp
  21. The Sack of Troy - Paean for Ancient Greek Kithara
    by Michael Levy
    One more impressive and dynamic improvisation on kythara by Micheal Levy. It's like ethnic rock from Ancient Greece.
  22. Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity
    by Mathias Grassow & Closing The Eternity
  23. Ancient Lyre Music For Meditation
    by Michael Levy
    Ascension of the Lyre (Harp: Rebecca Penkett Lyre: Michael Levy) Ascension of the Lyre (Harp: Rebecca Penkett Lyre: Michael Levy)
    Michael Levy explores the world of ancient instruments by giving possibilty to the listeners to feel the textures of lyre's sound.
    It's no real Ancient Greek music but this album shows the way to understand its charm. In the same time Michael Levy reinvents ancient world instruments as a part of our modern world musical culture.
  24. Nephelai (Nymphs of the Clouds)
    by Michael Levy
  25. Awaken Within A Deeper Realm
    by Numina
  26. Ode to Ancient Athens
    by Michael Levy
  27. (1990) Carmina Hildegardis
    by Mathias Grassow
  28. Tundra (ep)
    by Erik Wøllo
  29. (2001) Phrases (EP)
    by Mathias Grassow
    Phrases I Phrases I
    Light and short tracks by Mathias which present wide range of his interests - from more commertial electronic music to heavy metal rock.
  30. (1999) Passion II
    by Mathias Grassow
    At Land's End At Land's End
    If you are really enjoying Ash Ra Tempel (first album), "Return of the Tempel", "Freindship" by Klaus Schulze & Manuel Göttsching - this album was created especially for you. Far from usual drone ambient style by Mathias Grassow and Klaus Wiese who participated in this work. Dynamic and satisfying record.
  31. I Miss You More feat. Atu
    by Ta-ku
  32. Ancient Avalon - New Jerusalem Part II
    by Mathias Grassow
    Each track by Mathias contains its own soundworld and soundscapes. Good for relax and meditative thoughts.
    Thank you, Mathias!
  33. Mariner (feat. Kelly Keeling) - 2003 version
    by Rocket Scientists
    Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists are at their best - as epic as poetic as always. Thank you!
  34. Minstrel Savior - studio 2007
    by Rocket Scientists
    Great epic prog track!
    by Steve Roach
  36. Aquaculture - 2010 Remaster
    by Vir Unis - James Johnson - Christopher Short
  37. The Ghosts of Pripyat
    by Steve Rothery
  38. Names
    by Greg Hurley, Paul Vnuk Jr. & Brian Good
  39. Morpheus
    by Steve Rothery
  40. Qismah
    by Rocket Moth
  41. Velvet River
    by Rocket Moth
  42. Raíz Ibérica
    by VV. AA. Compilation CD.
    Really impressive attempt to represent Iberian folk tradtion since Antiquity.
  43. Hurrian Hymn Text H6 c.1400 BCE - (Performed in the Just Intonation of Antiquity)
    by Michael Levy
  44. Ascension of the Lyre
    by Michael Levy
    Probably the first ever album which fuses authentic Ancient world sounds and music with ambient.
  45. Supernatural Highways
    by Rocket Scientists
    Traveler on the Supernatural Highways Traveler on the Supernatural Highways
    Erik Norlander in his best classic prog rock epic form