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  1. "Hollow" (NRR50)
    by Bordreuil / Rowden
  2. "A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart" (NRR71)
    by Howard Stelzer
  3. "Cycle" C-96 (NRR20)
    by Radboud Mens
  4. "Grays Ferry" C-20 (NRR11)
    by Gene Pick
  5. "Zyklon and Leather" (NRR79)
    by FFH
  6. "Improvisations - 2010" C-38 (NRR12)
    by Gagu
  7. "situational plays" (NRR103)
    by nadia//apologist
  8. "s/t" C-24 (NRR09)
    by Network Glass
  9. "Shredded Nerve" (NRR34)
    by Shredded Nerve
  10. "Jim Day 1995" (NRR109)
    by Pool
  11. "Social Capital" (NRR43)
    by Yureka Cash
  12. "Tarry" (NRR83)
    by Spoils & Relics
  13. "The Ambiguity of an Apparently Static Phenomenon" (NRR82)
    by Radboud Mens
  14. "houston" (NRR67)
    by apologist
  15. "Symbol to Be Forgotten" C-23 (NRR17)
    by FFH
  16. "Blackout Suite" (NRR99)
    by Climax Denial
  17. "Flux A and B" (NRR98)
    by Rusalka
  18. "Adult Contemporary" C-40 (NRR30)
    by Vanessa Rossetto
  19. "Elysian Plain" (NRR104)
    by Last Eden
  20. "Mind of a Savage" (reissue) (NRR80)
    by Church Shuttle
  21. "Ottoman Black" (NRR85)
    by Jason Crumer
  22. "Phase Lock" (NRR35)
    by Faster Detail
  23. "Power Cannot Conquer Heaven" (NRR46)
    by Okha
  24. "Econo Creep" (NRR32)
    by How I Quit Crack
  25. "Glacial Lake" (NRR87)
    by Kjostad
  26. "God is the Giver of the Gift" (NRR96)
    by Straight Panic
  27. "King of the Arabs" (NRR110)
    by God is War
  28. "S/T" (NRR107)
    by Frataxin
  29. "Shadow Seeking Sun" LP
    by Ama Divers
  30. "kb" (NRR111)
    by zane kanevsky
  31. "Two Points on the Angle" (NRR44)
    by Graham Lambkin
  32. "Jaki Crush" (NRR97)
    by Mukqs
  33. "Dawn Songs" (NRR33)
    by Howard Stelzer
  34. "Jim Day Upholsterer" (NRR61)
    by Pool
  35. "Introducing the Confession" (NRR47)
    by Samantha Glass
  36. "The Illusory Hope" (NRR81)
    by Peter J Woods
  37. "We Fed The Pig My Music" (NRR74)
    by Total Mom
  38. "Brain Tiny" (NRR112)
    by Total Mom
  39. "An Echo In The Sound" C-40 (NRR27)
    by Ama Divers
  40. "My Name is My Name" (NRR62)
    by Koufar
  41. "Fe n2" C-27 (NRR28)
    by Valise
  42. "Magnifico" (NRR54)
    by Peter Vincent and A.F. Jones
  43. "You Trip Me Up" C-20 (NRR24)
    by Facialmess
  44. "Blood and Tahoe" C-48 (NRR10)
    by Jason Crumer
  45. "Illness Seminars" (NRR48)
    by Matthew Revert