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  1. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  2. Escapism (Album)
    by Desolate Tapes
  3. Where All Life Fades Away... (EP)
    by Desolate Tapes
  4. Lifeless (EP)
    by Desolate Tapes
  5. On the Corpse of a Dissident (Split)
    by Desolate Tapes
  6. Inner shouts from a sad soul
    by Lifeless
  7. Urban Suicidal Melancholy
    by Aurora Disease
  8. DSBM
    by Various Artists
  9. Before it all
    by The Penitent
  10. Dark days of depression
    by Farewell
  11. Afsky EP
    by Afsky
  12. Overdokkse (Demo)
    by Overdokkse
  13. Nocturne
    by A Magnificent Cold
  14. Atonement
    by Epiglottis, Einhorn & Sebastian Crugley
  15. Introspective Existentialism
    by Alldrig
  16. Narcotic Euphoria
    by Sebastian Crugley
  17. Uncontrolled Dreams of Exploding Skies
    by Alldrig
  18. Kaori's Letter
    by A Magnificent Cold
  19. Transient Life
    by Sebastian Crugley
  20. Departure
    by Alldrig
  21. Her Name Whispers Nostalgia (Demo)
    by A Magnificent Cold
  22. Scars as Souvenirs
    by A Magnificent Cold feat. Phantasos
  23. Spleen & Ideal
    by Sebastian Crugley
  24. The Last Stop (Suburban Life)
    by Sun Through Eyelids, DeepDark & Sebastian Crugley
  25. Demo MMXVI
    by Yonder
  26. Fim
    by Noirgale
  27. Gone
    by Autumn Laments
  28. Sorrows
    by LOVE/LUST
  29. The Silence of Dead Souls
    by Mist
  30. Nothing But Void
    by Mist
  31. The Essence of Negativity
    by Mist
  32. Trou Noir Vortex
    by Trou Noir
  33. In Nomine Mentis
    by Ostium
  34. I-III
    by Kaffaljidhma
  35. Ugh!
    by Plaag
  36. Snowy Nocturnal Forest and Stellar Sky
    by Mist
  37. Oderint Dúm Métuant
    by Lepra
  38. Defeated by Life
    by Happy Days
  39. When Negative Feelings Drown This Life
    by Broken Life
  40. Strážcovia Hradu (Guardians of the Castle)
    by Korium
  41. Worthless Life End
    by Unjoy
  42. Procreation Through Disaster
    by Chaoscraft
  43. The Demos
    by Fornicatus
  44. White Abysmal Tomb
    by Colorless Forest
  45. Wilted
    by Deadlife / Glädjekällor / Lidelse / Winter Willow