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  2. Electronic
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  1. Ides
    by civil engineer
  2. Dwight the Beat Farmer
    by rchecka
  3. Disco Elysium
    by Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
  4. flies the coop II
    by Hole Dweller
  5. New & Improved
    by TWRP
  6. Virtual Girls Band a.k.a Sparkle
    by CHANCE デラソウル
  7. flies the coop
    by Hole Dweller
    by channel select
  9. The Pump
    by Flash Arnold
  10. The Neon
    by Erasure
  11. Lowlight 2
    by Strawberry Station
  12. Receiver 2 Meditations (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H. Anton Riehl
  13. Receiver II (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H. Anton Riehl
  14. Over The Top
    by TWRP
  15. FTL
    by Ben Prunty
  16. Receiver II (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H. Anton Riehl
  17. RE:Mixed - The Save Rooms
    by Mono Memory
  18. Return to Wherever
    by TWRP
    Under the Sun Under the Sun
  19. Neon Impasse
    by City Girl
    Mist Beneath Your Apartment Mist Beneath Your Apartment
  20. Salt and Sanctuary: Original Soundtrack
    by Ska Studios