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  1. Gloucester, UK
  2. Alternative
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  1. Sugarplum Suicide
    by Sugarplum Suicide
    Somniphobia Somniphobia
  2. A Worthy Compensation
    by Beborn Beton
    Daisy Cutter Daisy Cutter
  3. I.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
  4. Be Mine (Single)
    by Hands Off Gretel
    Be Mine Be Mine
  5. Year Zero - DJ Dott Mix
    by Nine Inch Nails
    V3553L V3553L
  6. Ghosts Of Ancient Sadness
    by Wild Roses For The Exit
    Seventh Sister Seventh Sister
    My favourite purchase of 2017. Seventh Sister will be a favourite forever.
  7. Wild Roses For The Exit
    by Wild Roses For The Exit
    Neon Flight To Heaven Neon Flight To Heaven
    I haven't stopped listening since I bought the album little over a month ago. I'd say I was trawling the Internet for a long time for something that is really special to me - a new lifelong favourite. My boyfriend doesn't share the same music taste as myself, but he really enjoys the album too. It's not like going back in time though very much inspired by music of the past, it's like bringing that time to you. Powerful.
  8. Under Your Spell
    by The Birthday Massacre
    One One
    Thanks for another great album.