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Jill Killgore

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  1. Enfin Morte
    by Vanhelga
  2. Enfin Morte
    by Vanhelga
  3. Ognja prerok
    by Srd
  4. Dagar som denna
    by Vanhelga
  5. Dagar som denna
    by Vanhelga
    Gloomy Melancholic track with a bitter taste of hope.
  6. Desmaterialização
    by Fentanil
  7. Quarantine
    by Fentanil
  8. Music For Worthless People
    by Nozttalgy/ Fentanil
  9. When Your Heart Stops Beating
    by Fentanil
  10. Dysthymia
    by Sadroom/ Fentanil
  11. Verwüstung
    by Moloch
  12. Rhodéa
    by Hora 04:11
  13. Trou Noir Vortex
    by Trou Noir
  14. In Nomine Mentis
    by Ostium
  15. I-III
    by Kaffaljidhma
  16. Ugh!
    by Plaag
  17. Snowy Nocturnal Forest and Stellar Sky
    by Mist
  18. Oderint Dúm Métuant
    by Lepra
  19. Defeated by Life
    by Happy Days
  20. When Negative Feelings Drown This Life
    by Broken Life