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  1. Forgotten Myths
    by KOAN Sound
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    Sentient Sentient
    This song is sooo good. Brings back late night Toonami memories like all great trip hop influenced songs. I love the whole album.
  2. Blocks that matter
    by Morusque
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    Door Door
    I love this whole album. It's an amazing style that sounds like it'd be a N64 OST for some awesome game. It's a must for those that like video game music ranging from chip tune to more modern style nintendo sound tracks.
  3. Two Fold Pt.1
    by Haywyre
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    Voice of Reason Voice of Reason
    This song resonates deeply with me as does the entire album. Amazing work! A great mix of jazz, classical, electronic and dance.
  4. Everchanging
    by Haywyre
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    This is a pretty ground breaking song in many ways. I love what Haywyre is doing with his music performance wise, composition wise, and message wise. The meaning of most of his songs encompasses a self aware, compassionate, skillful artist that doing all he can to make a difference in his own way. Much respect, love, admiration. and envy.
  5. Meraki
    by opiuo
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    Life (ft Gift Of Gab & Syreneyiscreamy) Life (ft Gift Of Gab & Syreneyiscreamy)
    I've loved Opiuo ever since I heard Robo Booty. He has an amazing style that combines glitch, hip hop, funk, psychedelic, dubstep, ambient, and much more in an amazing unique way that parallels to Koan Sound and Tipper, but maintains originality and brilliant creativity, I love it!! It's very inspiring.
  6. Cult
    by Savant
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    West Coast West Coast
    Its a tie actually between nightowl and westcoast. I love every track, and Ive listened to chop it about as much as these two but I love the so called glitch hop sound. It is just amazing to me. :D The album is my favorite overall. After The Alchemist I had to join the Cult. Aleksander Vinter is just that good!!!!
  7. 2012 EP Trilogy (Bubble Control/Puzzle Dust/Shatter Box)
    by Tipper
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    Covered In Lobsters Covered In Lobsters
    This is the song that caught me attention and kept my listening to Tipper for 2+ years. I love his version of hip hop and his ambient stuff as well. Great music by a great artist. I recommend wobble factor and any other albums highly. Look it up on youtube.
  8. Minimap
    by coda
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    Chalupa Pass Chalupa Pass
    I like every song a lot but since I have to choose, I'll choose Chalupa Pass because of the name. hahaha I love the funky vibe a lot of the songs have while still maintaining an overall smooth jazz style and I of course love the electronic instruments used.