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  1. small circle
    by jason calhoun
  2. Shimmer Wince
    by ANNA WEBBER with Adam O'Farrill, Mariel Roberts, Elias Stemeseder and Lesley Mok
  3. Canons
    by Lina Allemano
  4. Glossolalia
    by Hearsay
  5. Circular music (Ext.n°1-n°2-Ext.n°2)
    by JÜRG FREY (Cats-d’incise-Guaita-Guédon-Läng-Lévy-Liberg-Maris)
  6. My Druthers
    by Sam Weinberg
  7. Watch Paint Dry
    by MIZI
  8. The Individualists
    by Chicago Edge Ensemble
  9. Kris Gruda Plays for You
    by Kris Gruda
  10. Sissel
    by John Tilbury/Keith Rowe/Kjell Bjørgeengen
  11. Fish & Poi: Hawaiian Independent 78rpm Discs ca. 1945-56
    by Canary Records
  12. Sweetkorn
    by Michael Hurley
  13. For All We Know
    by Marisa Anderson & Tara Jane O'Neil
  14. Just Like Moby Dick
    by Terry Allen and the Panhandle Mystery Band
  15. Texas Edition
    by The Hatch Expansion
  16. Dulce
    by Maria Elena Silva
  17. Fogery Nagles
    by Jordan Martins
  18. Several
    by Weston Olencki / Anna Webber
  19. At Earth School
    by Nicole Mitchell & Alexander Hawkins
  20. Vertical Motion
    by Anthony Davis / Kyle Motl / Kjell Nordeson