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  1. Of Solitude Triumphant
    by The Temple
  2. Waste of Mind
    by Void Moon
  3. Pilgrims On The Path Of No Return
    by Thy Listless Heart
  4. Solemn Verses
    by Fall of the Idols
  5. Serpent Warning
    by Serpent Warning
  6. Contradictory Notes
    by Fall of the Idols
  7. Second Death
    by Mansion
  8. The Last Judgement
    by Vortigan
  9. Frostbitten
    by Grima
  10. Dead Rising
    by Church Of Void
  11. Initivm
  12. WARCOE - "The Giant's Dream"
    by Forbidden Place Records
  13. Unconscious Days
    by DirtyGrave
  14. An Age of Penance and Oblivion
    by Pilgrim of Fire
  15. Unorthodox
    by Doomocracy
  16. Unorthodox
    by Doomocracy
  17. Herbst
    by B.S.T.
  18. Oblivious To Decay
    by Broken Trinity
  19. Gargantuan Blade
    by Gargantuan Blade
    Pure, wonderful Doom. Brilliant album!
  20. HELÉH - "HeléH"
    by FKR#115 - HELÉH
    Powerful. Primeval. Pure emotion. High-class Epic Doom with enthralling melodies and haunting vocals. Loved it from the start. And so did many others when I shared it on Deaf Forever Forum - thank you to the forum members and FKR for making this vinyl release happen!