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  1. Cruel Wonders - Lonely Sits the City (Harsh Words Mix) (New Track)
    by Machine Music
  2. In Phlegethon (Instrumental)
    by In Aevum Agere
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. Destruction Of The Wicked
    by Purification
  4. Devil Worship
    by Lucifer's Children
  5. We Were Giants Once
    by Monasterium
  6. Dream In Motion
    by Kirk Windstein
  7. To disappear and to be nothing
    by Witnesses
  8. Angleland
    by Solstice
  9. Consequence of Time
    by Pale Divine
  10. Stygian Crown
    by Stygian Crown
  11. Devil Seed
    by Devil Seed
  12. Garden Of Despair
    by AIWAZ
  13. Temple Of Madness - demo
    by Fimir
  14. Inverno
    by Crimson Dawn
  15. Rites
    by Satyrus
  16. Demagod - EP (2017)
    by Lords of Triumph
  17. Reaching the End - EP (2015)
    by Lords of Triumph
  18. When The Wolves Start To Circle
    by Blissful Stream
  19. Hymns from the Deep
    by Khazad-dûm
  20. Purgatory
    by Simón Del Desierto