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  1. Parallel Lives
    by Meteor
  2. Defender of the Fleet (Heatblur F-14 Original Soundtrack)
    by Meteor
  3. Manhattan 2019
    by Meteor
  4. Forever War
    by Meteor
  5. Grim Memories (single)
    by Meteor
  6. The Harvest
    by Meteor
  7. White Crows
    by Meteor
  8. Inner Demon
    by Meteor
  9. System Failure
    by Meteor
    Annihilating Patrol Annihilating Patrol
    I recently got Meteor's whole discography on the strength of this album. Absolutely deadly guitar work is the real meat of his work, right up there with Straplocked and Ultraboss, but a great synth sensibility and urgent, rushing sense of pace accompanies it. The rest of his catalogue is fabulous, clearly showing promise in earlier recordings and improving noticeably with every subsequent release, but this remains my favourite among a generally fantastic body of work, full of complex energy.
  10. Voyage Into Fear
    by Meteor
  11. Faded Touch
    by Timecop1983
    Moments in Time Moments in Time
    This doesn't quite hit the high standard that Night Drive set, but it has a different focus and direction, and feels like a step toward a poppier sound and away from the atmospheric soundscaping we know, but no big shock - the album singles already hinted at that. I'm also not as into Josh Dally as it feels like I'm supposed to be. All that said, though, it's still a superbly high quality piece of work and though I don't love it, I do like it a lot; Timecop1983 remains a very hard act to beat.
  12. Horror Show
    by The Midnight
  13. Client (Magic Sword Remix)
    by Waveshaper, Magic Sword
  14. Astoria
    by Android Automatic
  15. 20 Minutes
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  16. Hotline
    by 80s Stallone
  17. Final Lap
    by The Racers
  18. Proximity
    by New Arcades
  19. Returning Home
    by New Arcades
  20. Rage
    by Morgan Willis