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S.E. Casey

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  2. Alternative
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  1. Cross & Divide
    by Trash Deity
  2. The House of Francis
    by Carella Ross
    Madame Claude Girl Madame Claude Girl
    A great knack and instincts for songwriting. A reissue, renovated and made new. Check into the House of Francis.
  3. Fever Daydream
    by The Black Queen
  4. Abyss
    Color of Blood Color of Blood
  5. Mrs. Produkt EP
    by Mrs. Produkt
    The Hausfrau Affair The Hausfrau Affair
  6. Harm's Way
    by Dead When I Found Her
    Curtains Curtains
    One of the most elusive qualities of music is that which becomes better with successive listens. Complex and well-crafted songs- there is much to uncover lurking beneath the surface of Harm's Way.
  7. Chapter Five (Mia Lux & The Daughters)
    by Mrs. Produkt
    The Only Crazy The Only Crazy
  8. Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light
    by King Dude
    Deal With The Devil Deal With The Devil
  9. All The Way Down
    by Dead When I Found Her
    Misericordia Misericordia
    Oh great, now I'm going to have to go buy DWIFH's back catalog...
    Complex, listenable, literary - excellent stuff.
  10. My Game Doesn't Have A Name
  11. The Slapparat
    by Frankenstain
    Hey My (I Won't Cull Again) Hey My (I Won't Cull Again)
  12. Hospice Chorale
    by David E. Williams
    The One Who Doesn't Die The One Who Doesn't Die
  13. Where's The Revolution (Depeche Mode Cover)
    by Leaether Strip
  14. Fuckit (Concentrated Camp Edition)
    by :Wumpscut:
    Pooch Pooch
  15. For I Am Cursed
    by Youth Code
  16. Rag Doll Blues
    by Dead When I Found Her
    Scissors Scissors
  17. Marc Heal - The Hum
    by Marc Heal
    Model Citizen Model Citizen
  18. Keep Falling Apart 7"
    by Youth Code
  19. Wipe Their Filthy Mouths
    by Carella Ross
    The Untold Story About Fay (demo) The Untold Story About Fay (demo)
  20. Human Garbage Assembly Line
    by Carella Ross
  21. Hypnos / Flame
    Hypnos Hypnos
  22. The Gospel
    by PIG
    Diamond Sinners Diamond Sinners
  23. Lost At Sea
    by Youth Code
  24. Anagnorisis
    by Youth Code
  25. Der Schnitt EP
    by Carella Ross
    Der Schnitt Der Schnitt
  26. Body Burn
    by Cubanate
  27. The Dust of Fallen Rome
    by Youth Code
  28. Eyes On Backwards
    by Dead When I Found Her
    Braille Braille
  29. Single-O
    by Frankenstain
    The Quarry Cure The Quarry Cure
  30. Beyond the Reach of the Whip Vol. 2
    by Carella Ross
    Is The Witch Hunt Supposed To Is The Witch Hunt Supposed To
    appears in 1 other collection
  31. Fear
    by King Dude
    Fear is All You Know Fear is All You Know
  32. Marc Heal - Adult Fiction EP
    by Marc Heal
    Adult Fiction Adult Fiction
  33. Signs of Violence
    by Mark Lenover
    Shame Shame
  34. Chapter Six (Finding Garbo)
    by Mrs. Produkt
    Die Schläge Die Schläge
    Hedonistic album (a good thing), C.Ross seems to make every right decision- no bloated tracks or forced lyrics here: a fatless, focused work. An artist comfortable in his own skin, great sounding songs. Please support independent music.
  35. Doghead
    by Youth Code
  36. Compliance™
    by Snog
    Heroically Deluded Heroically Deluded
  37. King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe "Sing More Songs Together..."
    by King Dude
  38. Tied Up
    by Raine Vivian
  39. Ashes & Tangerines
    by Clara Engel
    Great album. While my musical preferences skew toward shock- rock for its cynical and iconoclastic themes, I would match these lyrics against any. C.E. channels more Anne Sexton than Emily Dickinson.
    Favorite track: Heaven and Hell
  40. Looking-Glass Fire
    by Clara Engel
  41. Chapter Four (The King's Throat)
    by Mrs. Produkt
    White Blackmail White Blackmail
    Excellent EP, the nuanced guitars stood out. Used sparingly, the minimalistic guitars punctuate and enhance where needed. Less is more; an artist who understands music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them.
  42. Burst
    by Venus In Aries
  43. Prey & Obey
    by PIG
    Prey & Obey (Leaether Strip Remix) Prey & Obey (Leaether Strip Remix)
  44. BEAST
    by Rabbit Junk
  45. Supergurl
    by :Wumpscut: