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  1. The Zenith Rise
    by I Built The Sky
    Up into the Ether Up into the Ether
  2. Head Mounted Sideways
    by VOLA
  3. Ethereal
    by SHOKRAN
  4. Hollow Earth
    by The Healing
    Mirror Image Mirror Image
  5. Relationships
    by Shrezzers
    Mystery (feat. Dmitry Demyanenko) Mystery (feat. Dmitry Demyanenko)
  6. Permanence
    by Stephen Taranto
  7. Balance
    by Olly Steele
  8. Suicycle
    by DOJ
    Monster H Monster H
  9. The darkest journey
    by Spherian
  10. Trisect
    by Unscaled Seven
  11. Savages
    by The Dali Thundering Concept
    The Myth of Happiness The Myth of Happiness
  12. Zenith
    by Terraform
  13. EVE
    by The Afterimage
    Mirrors Mirrors
  14. Boundless
    by Valis Ablaze
    Frequency (feat. Drewsif) Frequency (feat. Drewsif)
  15. Life In Exile
    by Shields
    It's Killing Me It's Killing Me
  16. Doppelganger
    by The Oklahoma Kid
  17. Super 90'
    by Kadinja
  18. Atlas
    by Invocation
    Atlas (Ascent) Atlas (Ascent)
  19. What's Left of the Distance
    by You Win Again Gravity
    Seamless Seamless
  20. Grinding Gears
    by Rabea Massaad