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  1. Rust (Synthstrom Audible Deluge EP/SP)
    by Rephazer
  2. Dogfood Vol.2
    by Horndogz
  3. Nocturnes In Return: Beats By Aardvarck
    by U-Gene
    Here I Go Again Here I Go Again
    Great soul album. Love the production. Great vocals.
  4. I Don't Care Today (Angels & Demons in Lo-Fi)
    by MonoNeon
  5. My Feelings Be Peeling
    by MonoNeon
  6. WATMnM II
    by WATMnM
  7. RATIO
    by Nicholas Semrad and expansions of Q
  8. Switched On Rack Vol. 2
    by Switched On Rack
  9. Octatrack MK2 - Live resampling tutorial video
    by Dataline
  10. The Digitone Experience
    by Dataline
  11. Be There
    by Dataline
  12. Afterglow
    by Resolution 88
    by MonoNeon
  14. Welcome 2 Whateva The Fyuck
    by MonoNeon
    Public Nookie Public Nookie
  15. Spark and Echo
    by Mark Lettieri
  16. Two Thousand and Sixteen Super Hits
    by Jeremy Blake
  17. Pluralism
    by Jeremy Blake
  18. Classics 3
    by Fingazz
  19. Beat Tape 2 (Extended Edition)
    by Tom Misch
  20. Beat Tape 1
    by Tom Misch
  21. Live from Yaga
    by Dataline
  22. Fortified
    by Ghost-Note
  23. Oak (Live EP)
    by Dataline
  24. Dataline Live at Beatport, Berlin
    by Dataline
  25. Live @ Musikinstituted using Analog Four + Machinedrum + Octatrack
    by Dataline
  26. Bass Station meets Elektron Music Machines
    by Dataline
  27. Unexpected Result (Live Album)
    by Dataline
  28. See You I
    by Dataline
  29. Mistakes
    by Dataline
  30. Speed of Life
    by Evitan
  31. FORQ
    by Forq
  32. Sinking Ships
    by Dataline
  33. Hear Your Beat
    by Dataline
  34. Under Waveform
    by Dataline
  35. Meta-Musica
    by Funky Knuckles
  36. Rumble When Bumble #2
    by Noorden
  37. As Of Lately
    by Funky Knuckles
    Barbosa Barbosa
    virtuosity and yet inspirational.
    kind of stevie wonder meeting frank zappa and rh factor.
  38. Crazy Glue EP
    by Fishbone