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  1. Holocene Dream
    by Brendan Byrnes
  2. Morphable
    by Sevish
    Besides the great rhythmic energy, there is some harmonic thoughtfulness here which gives so much depth to tracks such as Launch and Rain Pitted 99. And there's never too much of weirdly circulating/modulating major 7th and 9th chords. Awesome album!
  3. Abracadabra In Osaka (Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall)
    by Soft Works
  4. Ancient Love
    by Sevish & benyamind
  5. Formless Shadows
    by Sevish
  6. 2227
    by Brendan Byrnes
  7. Bubble
    by Sevish
  8. Spidermilk
    by The Mercury Tree
  9. Realism
    by Brendan Byrnes
  10. The Invitation to MoonJune Records, Vol. 02 (Free Sampler)
    by MoonJune Records
  11. The Invitation to MoonJune Records, Vol. 01 (Free Sampler)
    by MoonJune Records
  12. Horixens
    by Sevish
  13. Harmony Hacker
    by Sevish
  14. Save The Planet
    by Tohpati Ethnomission
  15. Riot
    by Tohpati Bertiga
  16. Tribal Dance (feat. Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman)
    by Tohpati (feat. Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman)
    by MoonJune Records
    VIP member exclusive
  18. Chains of Smoke
    by Cryptic Ruse