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  1. Future Youth
    by Tom Lowen
  2. A Private Road
    by Laura Groves
  3. Song For Our Daughter
    by Laura Marling
  4. Voicemail For Jill
    by Amanda Palmer
  5. Dead Capital
    by Louis Brennan
  6. 28 at Midnight (free digital EP)
    by Daniel Champagne
  7. Twice EP
    by JAGARA
  8. Live at Spiritual
    by Tom Hyatt
  9. Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute
    by Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer
  10. The Manual
    by Jake Morley
  11. Vampires 96k 24bit
    by Francis Dunnery
    Still too young to remember Still too young to remember
    One for the completists/ collectors, I like the album primarily because of the way it was recorded. Much as I love Still to Young to Remember, I found the original version almost unlistenable because of the over-compression, EQ etc. Here, it becomes light and airy thanks to a deliberate decision to record without comp and EQ. At times, the album sounds a bit pub-rock but I'm glad to own it.
  12. Early Winters
    by Early Winters
    Tough Love Tough Love
    I stumbled across Carina Round via her beautiful song and video Backseat. Much of the rest of her music is dark and Hammer Horror in nature, but here, she has teamed up with a male Canadian singer to produce something of much broader appeal - the first of two albums to date. Also check out the second album, Vanishing Act.
  13. Committed Language
    by Laura Groves
    Friday Friday
    Laura used to perform as Blue Roses, and her beautiful debut album remains one of my all time favourites - full of lush songs sung in a Kate Bush manner. Here, she has updated the sound, adding Supertramp era keyboards, early 80s computer beats and studio bass. It sounds like she has tried very very hard to escape comparison with Kate Bush. Sad, since Kate herself had to escape from the mix to become famous.
  14. Blah Street
    by Ben Castle
    Track Seven Track Seven
    Track Seven is in fact the 8th track on the album. That kind of sums Ben up. If you like really well recorded music, this should be on your list. Ben paints a sonic picture of a slightly hapless young Londoner not quite fitting in.
  15. Frankenstein Monster 96k Highest Quality
    by Francis Dunnery
  16. Septopus!
    by Seas Of Mirth
  17. Gown - special edition
    by Jo Hamilton