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  1. Black mass
    by Run Vaylor
    The gate The gate
    Been waiting since the drop of Metropolis for a follow up man. :) glad you came through
  2. Syndicate Shadow
    by Neon Nox
    Risky Fulfillment Risky Fulfillment
    Im broke as shit but fuuuuuuck me buddy those synth keys are catching fire I couldn't resist.
  3. Electric City
    by Run Vaylor
    Lasers & drugs Lasers & drugs
    Run Vaylors sound with a song named lasers and drugs..what else do you need to know?
  4. Sophisticated Technology
    by Betamaxx
  5. Secret Dimensions
    by Danger Mode
    Disco Dreams Disco Dreams
  6. Activation
    by Danger Mode
    Road Rage Road Rage
  7. Stages Of Possession
    by VHS Glitch
  8. Demons With Shotguns OST
    by VHS Glitch
  9. Shinobi 1987 (Stilz Remake)
    by Stilz
  10. Evil Awaits
    by Stilz
    Apocalypse Gate Apocalypse Gate
    Stilz is incredible. I regularly find hidden gem compliations with his name on the list, everytime hes my favorite. Keep doing what you are doing man you are one of my heavier influences
  11. 'Living Forest' (MK2)
    by Stilz
    Stilz Is King
  12. Oneiric
    by Lazerhawk
    Long awaited release man, I gave a shout out to a chick I know that does PR stuff and is real tight in ATX years ago about you, glad you became so prominent
  13. Dream Rider
    by Wice
  14. Transhumanism
    by Tommy '86
    Sequential Slavery (feat. Dan Terminus) Sequential Slavery (feat. Dan Terminus)
    by VHS Glitch
    Bloody Fists & Gunshells Bloody Fists & Gunshells
    Fuckin Gnarly you god you
  16. 195
    by OGRE
    Interceptor Interceptor
    Reminds me of when Arnold is loading up guns from the Salvation Army store
  17. Forgotten Feelings
    by Kyle Reese Revenge
    Awesome Vibe, Nearly baught the whole album as its all good work, but As I live on a very tight budget this was the only one that I could not do without
  18. Protector 101
    by Protector 101
    Fighting Spirit Fighting Spirit
    Too many good songs to pick
  19. Unlimited
    by Flash Arnold
  20. Interface
    by Betamaxx
    Contra Contra
    Amazin, Betamaxx tha god, probably one of the best albums ever created.
  21. Vincenzo Headquarters
    by Stilz
  22. I Am Abaddon
    by GosT
  23. Titan
    by D/A/D
    dope as fuck
  24. Nuclear
    by Lost Years
    One of my all time favorite tracks.
  25. Venom
    by Lost Years
    The Connection The Connection
    Keep doing what your doing man!
  26. Prepotency
    by GosT
  27. Infiltrate
    by Protector 101
  28. L.A. Cop Duo Theme
    by Protector 101
  29. The Prime Directives [2016 Remastered Deluxe Edition]
    by Protector 101
    Serve The Public Trust [2016 Remaster] Serve The Public Trust [2016 Remaster]
  30. FCR Compilation Vol.IX
    by Future City Records
  31. Classics
    by ActRazer
    Thief Thief
  32. The Gathering [EP]
    by Artemus Gordon
    Deathrace2000 Deathrace2000
    reminds me that im a badass
  33. Collider EP
    by Sung
  34. Undercover EP
    Meat Grinder City Meat Grinder City
    Already thought the song was badass..Then I heard Judge Dredd Samples and pooped myself. Whole album is awesome, Meat Grinder City is fucking amazing.
  35. Calico Brawn
    by OGRE
    Exhale Exhale
  36. Quarter-Life Crisis
    by Vestron Vulture
    Killing Teens Killing Teens
    keep making super awesome fucking songs bro, you are a pioneer!
  37. Cruise Control (OST)
    by Vector Hold
    Vapor Trails Vapor Trails
  38. Metropolis
    by Run Vaylor
    Steel Kingdom Steel Kingdom
    This entire album is fucking phenomenal... I feel like im special forces everytime I listen to it.


    After really letting the album resonate for awhile etc Id have to say Steel Kingdom is my favorite track, though its a really close call between a few of this one. It really sets the pace on this somewhat unnamed and unclaimed genre of a more futuristic synthwave
  39. This Is It - EP
    by Flash Arnold
    The Final Chase The Final Chase
  40. Crime Wave
    by Danger Mode
    Hardwire Hardwire
  41. Miami System
    Start Start
  42. Money Talks (album)
    by Robert Parker
    Money Talks Money Talks
    Robert Parker Is quickly appearing to be the Notorious B.I.G of retro new wave. very lavish motivational and sexy beats
  43. Traveller
    by Stilz
    Navigator Navigator
    super dope
  44. New World Order
    by Bionic Resistance
    appears in 1 other collection
  45. Miami Kill
    Jackson's Theme Jackson's Theme
    80s as fuk