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  1. Strange Aeons & Deliriums
    by Deemtee
  2. The Enduring Spirit
    by Tomb Mold
    Angelic Fabrications Angelic Fabrications
    Tomb Mold albums demand your full attention and repeated listens. Once it sinks it, it doesn't let go. Great tech/death album once again!
  3. Night of the Nocturnal Rites
    by Xavarthan (Fin)
    Revontulien Valaisemana Yönä Revontulien Valaisemana Yönä
    Short and sweet! Love the cover art as well as the black metal contained within. Mid-paced with some blast beats and variety thrown in. Just the way I like my black metal. The CD even included a personalized note. Look forward to hearing more in the future. Cheers!
  4. This Mournful Dawn
    by Nordicwinter
    Enshrouded by Winter Enshrouded by Winter
    Perfect soundtrack for this time of year. Leaves are falling outside, it's getting cooler, and the days are shorter. Great to listen to in the eventing quiet.
  5. Night Eternal
    by Alghol
  6. Blackbraid II
    by Blackbraid
    The Wolf That Guides the Hunters Hand The Wolf That Guides the Hunters Hand
    Strong 2nd release from Blackbraid. Great song structures and the long songs don't feel as such. Great melodies throughout this whole release w/ a couple nice acoustic interludes to break things up.
  7. Alternance
    by Passéisme
  8. Pulsations from the Black Orb
    by Astriferous
    Blinding the Seven Eyes of God Blinding the Seven Eyes of God
    Big Morbid Angel vibes w/ this one. Interesting riffs from start to finish that keep the listener engaged throughout. Just the right timing for song/album length. Dive in!
  9. Monarch of Sorrow
    by Nietzu (Uk)
    Artifice of Meaning Artifice of Meaning
    There's a lot going on here but it flows nicely. Interludes break up the album a bit. Solid release. Looking forward to more from these guys!
  10. Na Severe Srdca
    by Stangarigel
    Zasvätenie v slnovratnej hore Zasvätenie v slnovratnej hore
    A lot going on here but after repeat listens, it all makes sense. Catchy melodies and grooves are intertwined w/ scathing vocals. Creepy artwork too!
  11. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
    Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse
    If Godflesh made a noise/rock record, this would be it. Upon first listen, it's very off putting and uncomfortable. Listen a few times, and you start to 'get it'. I wasn't sure upon first listen why this album got so much praise. I now know. Great stuff!!!
  12. A Thirst for Summer Rain
    by Lustre
    Quiescence Quiescence
    This was an instant buy for me.
    Listening to Lustre feels like floating through a dream. The subtle melodies throughout this album will stick with you for weeks. The contract of these melodies with the screaming vocals works perfectly.
  13. Með hamri
    by Misþyrming
    I have no idea why the first songs have the same title and nor do I care. I've loved this band since last years album Algleymi and I will continue to buy every release from here on out. Tremolo picked riffy goodness fills this album along with barked vocals that compliment the songs nicely. This came out too late to make the top 10 lists of many and won't be in any list for 2023 due to timing. If you're a black metal fan, this album has it all.
  14. Frostbitten
    by Grima
    Gloomy Heart of the Coldest Land Gloomy Heart of the Coldest Land
    A continuation of blistering black metal from Grima. I recommend purchasing the vinyl so you can stare at the art while the music sucks you in.
  15. Will of the Primordial
    by Grima
    Enisey Enisey
    This is about as perfect of a black metal album you will ever find. The cover art depicts the music perfectly. A must buy!
  16. Fragments of Dark Eternity
    by Necrocarnation (Ger/Arg)
    Antarctic Antarctic
    The ultra compressed reverb vocals sold me on this one. It sounds like a serial killer grunting under water. Great stuff!
  17. Bluenothing
    by Worm
    Bluenothing Bluenothing
    Another gloomy piece of work by Worm. Doomy, bleak, and some blistering lead work make this an EP that feels like a full-length. Looking forward to the direction this band is going to take in the near future!
  18. All Virtues Ablaze
    by Liminal Shroud
    Hypoxic Hypoxic
    Four tracks seems about perfect for this band. Songs that are long but don't feel as such are great in that everything fits and doesn't feel like a band trying to play long for the hell of it. Great stuff!
  19. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Wild Autumn Wind Wild Autumn Wind
    I don't know how you begin to pick a favorite track on this album. This is metal perfection. Enough said.
  20. Hyperdontia / Septage
    by Desiccated Productions
    Season of Rot Season of Rot
    Nice little split here. Short, sweet, and to the point death metal!