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  1. color wheel
    by business pastel
    wishing well wishing well
  2. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
    neon glow neon glow
  3. business pastel
    by business pastel
    black nails black nails
    i love this album!!! the melody development is's dramatic, but very natural.
    i was amazed by cool tracks~! (T_T)
    and the stickers are so cute<3
  4. he's not with us anymore
    by casio dad
    fake violins fake violins
    I was impressed by this album. these songs are like new friends who make me feel they are long time friends. especially, I like fake violins. great melody and lyrics saved my mind.
  5. Wishful Thinking
    by Business Pastel & Skybox
  6. a sentimental cry [GST-06]
    by clover & sealife
    disconnect disconnect
    I LOVE THIS!!! so many original ideas.. creative and beautiful music. I was amazed. so deep lyrics<3 I’m addicted to these songs.ahhh I can't express enough how much I love this album..
  7. ALBUM PEACE (528 Hz)
    by Javier Ramon Brito
    Delight Delight
    after I listened this album long time, I could feel like after taking a bath or sauna.and my depression faded. really could relax! and very beautiful melody! I love "Delight". sentimental and positive music~!!!
    by Javier Ramon Brito
    Carrousel Carrousel
    this is a very beautiful melody album. especially I like Carrousel. so touching music. I listen this imagining a story.
  9. Christmas Love (432 Hz)
    by Javier Ramon Brito
    appears in 1 other collection
  10. Our Tales
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    Cumulonimbus Cumulonimbus
    Cool album! I feel many things, fantasy, dream, adventure... from these songs. magical and beautiful sounds. my fav is Cumulonimbus. sentimental and energetic for me~<3
  11. You And Me & The Seven Seas
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    When The Leaves Leave Us When The Leaves Leave Us
    I just realized that I wanted to listen such songs. nostalgic and beautiful. sometimes it reminds me of game music I liked. my fav is "When the Leaves Leave Us". I love this! I was touched (T_T)
  12. Firebirds (feat. Sage Ricci)
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    this song encourages me very much. cool music and lyrics make me feel stronger. one of the best healing songs for me. (^_^)/ 
  13. Megaheart
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    Pirate Pirate
  14. Blizzard Blanket
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    this song is great. cute sounds and sentimental lyrics remind me of my feeling I have during the Christmas season. I have learned it's not necessary to add effects too much for expressing something from this song.
  15. Armor
    by Rocket Ship Resort & Double Cleff
  16. The Ghost Had A Bouquet
    by Rocket Ship Resort
  17. Covers
    by Rocket Ship Resort
    Want You Gone Want You Gone
  18. In Flight
    by Natbird
    Entwined (ft. cxdr) Entwined (ft. cxdr)
    Natbird's music makes me feel like i am listening to stories, paintings and beautiful sights...
    i love sentimental melodies on this album (T_T) i was impressed !!!
  19. Natbird
    by Natbird
    Catacomb (ft. Crownley) Catacomb (ft. Crownley)
  20. Landscapes
    by Natbird
    Entwined (ft. Cherax Destructor) Entwined (ft. Cherax Destructor)
    this album's distinctive and calm sound makes me imagine beautiful sights in the nature. this music is repeated in my head unconsciously. i love Entwined! i look forward to music video!