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  1. Ignite
    by Oomah
  2. Into The Deep
    by Nanda
  3. Perceiving All
    by Symbolico
  4. Sanitized
    by Cirqular
  5. Infinite Circuits Vol.1
    by Nanda
  6. Sappy Yappy
  7. Psyfidelic
  8. Momentous
  9. Clear Vision (Desert Dwellers Remix)
    by Perfect Stranger
  10. Realms of Splendor (DRRTYWULVZ Remix)
    by Desert Dwellers
  11. Breath
    by Desert Dwellers
  12. All Sleeping (Desert Dwellers Remix)
    by Banco de Gaia
  13. Tamino and the Temple of Dub (Desert Dwellers Remix)
    by Gaudi
  14. Sub*lim*in*al
    by Nanda
  15. Why The Fuck Not
    by Staunch
  16. Birds of Paradise - Riding the Froth
    by Birds of Paradise
  17. Illusions EP
    by Kalya Scintilla
  18. Eloquent Expansion
    by Kalya Scintilla
  19. The Remix Archives Vol.3
    by Kalya Scintilla
  20. Gypsy Freaks Vol. 2
    by Sallun