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  1. Possible Party
    by Bubblegum Octopus
    the Meat and the Marrow the Meat and the Marrow
    By the gods I found you again.
    Lets go home. :)
  2. If (Digital Deluxe Edition)
    by Mindless Self Indulgence
    Lights Out Lights Out
  3. Tighter
    by Mindless Self Indulgence
    I Hate Everyone I Hate Everyone
  4. Psychemania
    by jakprogresso
    Votive Votive
    Mystical. Motivative. Dark.
    From a drip to sinkhole communion
  5. Black Tar Magician
    by jakprogresso
    Mekong Express Mekong Express
    A long trek. Very enjoyable. Many sites through the hills, caverns, undergrowth and cliffs.
  6. Old Time Suffering
    by Those Poor Bastards
    Tobacco's But An Indian Weed Tobacco's But An Indian Weed
    An old and long abandoned chapel by the highway side is dusted off and brought to life. enticing the holy and sinners alike to hear about some old time suffering. Times were good.
  7. Grimoirs (for autumn)
    by Jakprogresso
    Kapsized Kapsized
    Spells that speak. An Autumn Grimoire. Thanks' to Mr.Progresso & a Very Special Guest.
  8. Built For Creeps
    by Jakprogresso
    Gloop Gloop
    Spells to feel. {!An Autumn Grimoire?} Thanks Jak. Will have you leaning forward & nodding in agreement.
  9. Base Camp 2
    by jakprogresso
    Miscarried Miscarried
  10. The Devil's Bris (2020 remaster)
    by Aurelio Voltaire
    Ravens Land (2020 remaster) Ravens Land (2020 remaster)
  11. Halloween Is Here
    by Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks
    I Want To Be A Monster I Want To Be A Monster
  12. Animal Kingdom: Ash
    by Cavetown, spookyghostboy
    Advice Advice
  13. Oi To The World! (Christmas)
    by The Vandals
    Here I Am Lord Here I Am Lord
  14. The End Of Electronics
    by Конец Электроники (The End Of Electronics)
    Ночь / Night Ночь / Night
  15. Rare Americans 2
    by Rare Americans
    Hullabaloo Hullabaloo
  16. Polka's Not Dead
    by The Dreadnoughts
    Black Sea Gale Black Sea Gale
    by IDLES
    Mother Mother
  18. The Church Congregation Compilation
    by Jakprogresso And Congregate
    No Picketing No Picketing
    If you missed church, play this; & flagellate yourself between bars until redeemed. God is good all the time; & so is this album.
  19. King Mutt
    by jakprogresso
    Sell Out Sell Out
    Our party enters into the realm of Jubilex
  20. High Mass
    by Jakprogresso
    Mad Tea Mad Tea
    This is good stuff.
    I really like the samples and effects. Its all good.