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Scott Emery

  1. Torquay, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. AA21. Ekkaia - Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdon LP
    by Alerta Antifascista Records
  2. Paramnesia
    by Altars
  3. Ascetic Reflection
    by Altars
  4. The Quiet Earth
    by Morrow
  5. Songs of Desire Armed
    by CLEARxCUT
  6. Dragged Into Extinction
    by Revolve
  7. Вечное
    by RYE
  8. Collisions
    by THÅRN
  9. Grim Ravine (EP)
    by Grim Ravine
  10. Wretched Abyss
    by Noctule
  11. Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re-Entry
    by Underdark
  12. Azabache
    by Svdestada
  13. Ad Portas Inferi
    by Ubiquitous
  14. Portraits
    by Perennial Isolation
  15. Wretched Abyss
    by Noctule
  16. Of Bark and Ash
    by Wolvencrown
  17. Of Bark and Ash
    by Wolvencrown
  18. Nothing Worth Remembering
    by Begotten
  19. Hidden Mothers EP
    by Hidden Mothers
  20. Eat the Rich
    by Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Hungry