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  1. Bloodcults
    by The Monolith Deathcult
  2. The White Goddess
  3. The Course Of Empire
    by Atlantean Kodex
  4. No Comfort
    by Monolord
  5. Apotheosis
    by Necronautical
  6. The Ruins of Fading Light
    by Crypt Sermon
  7. Divided By Darkness
    by Spirit Adrift
  8. Rituals of Power
    by Misery Index
  9. At The Walls
  10. Dystopia
    by Isole
  11. Electric Messiah
    by High On Fire
  12. Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave
    by Witch Vomit
  13. If the Stars Shone Now None Saw Them
    by Erreth-Akbe
    Kargish Raiders Kargish Raiders
    Very atmospheric. Would fit well into any Fantasy RPG soundtrack.
  14. Call of the Void
    by Ingested
  15. Of Rot and Ruin
    by Hath
  16. Apoptosis
    by Allegaeon
  17. Mount Crushmore
    by Asthma Castle
  18. Elämä ei tarvitse minua
    by Kaunis Kuolematon
    Elämä ei tarvitse minua Elämä ei tarvitse minua
    This is fucking brilliant! The cleans are haunting and the growls are deep and rich. reminds me of NeO without the violin. The vocals are even better though.
  19. Traveler
    by Traveler
  20. Empress
    by Empress
  21. Absolution
    by Akshara
    Absolution Absolution
    Mixing technical and progressive elements with Randy Blythe esq vocals. What's not to love?
  22. Diluvium
    by Obscura
  23. Unholy Infestation
    by Plague Years
  24. Obituary
    by Obituary
  25. Where Owls Know My Name
    by Rivers of Nihil
    Subtle Change (Including the Forest of Transition and Dissatisfaction Dance) Subtle Change (Including the Forest of Transition and Dissatisfaction Dance)
    I saw this album on several year-end lists, so I decided to check it out. Wow! I don't know what rock I was hiding under when this came out, but now it's in my top 5 of 2018 for sure.
  26. Algorythm
    by Beyond Creation
  27. The Executioner EP
    by Invicta
  28. Awakening Inception
    by Æpoch
  29. Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn
    by Culled
  30. Ashen Fields
    by Ashen Fields
  31. The Outer Ones
    by Revocation
  32. Binge/Purge
    by Dischordia
  34. Morbid Majesties (Death Metal)
    by SADISTIK FOREST (Finland)
  35. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
  36. "Cryptasm"
    by Nightfear
  37. The Great Cessation (Reissue)
    by YOB
  38. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
  39. Foundations Of Burden
    by Pallbearer
  40. Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
    by Spectral Voice
  41. Out of the Garden
    by Crypt Sermon
  42. Nightmare Logic
    by Power Trip
  43. Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual
    by Obscure Sphinx
  44. Urn
    by Ne Obliviscaris
  45. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire