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  1. Umbra
    by Lifeformed and Janice Kwan
  2. Fastfall - extras
    by Lifeformed
  3. Immerse
    by Lifeformed
  4. Fastfall
    by Lifeformed
  5. Forest Spirit Friends
    by Lifeformed, Vidboy
  6. Nebs 'n Debs
    by kulor
  7. Ice Blast
    by Malmen
  8. Fakebit World
    by Malmen
  9. Counterbalance
    by Malmen
  10. Bloop Troopers EP
    by Rymdkraft
  11. Un peu de douceur
    by xylo and cerror
  12. 4chpcm love
    by xyce
  13. mosaik
    by xyce
  14. Biscuit
    by xyce
  15. High Flyer
    by Karl Brueggemann
  16. Live From the Lair
    by Super Marcato Bros.
    Yoshi's Island - Donut Lifts Yoshi's Island - Donut Lifts
    It's a random (varied?) selection of songs, but they are all so tasty. The Yoshi's Island song always gets a smile on my face. Such a goofy song. :D
  17. Micropower
    by Karl Brueggemann
    Micropower Micropower
    :D My new favorite album. Nice happy tunes to play while finishing up a game dev contract.

    Found it through This Week in Chiptune, bought it, and then found out the group is local to St. Paul. I think I probably met them at a local game convention even... and then forgot.

    Hard to pick a favorite track. Infinite Drift and I <3 U are up there too.
  18. Rainbow parade
    by cerror
  19. Circuithead
    by Kubbi
  20. Kernel Panic EP
    by Demoscene Time Machine