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  1. All I Want for Christmas Is Your Soul
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  2. Pieter Craft—Model Citizen (2023 Recording)
    by Ian Gordon
  3. The Call of the Old Ones: 35 Cthulhu Mythos Stories
    by Various Authors
  4. Through the Alien Angle
    by Elwin G. Powers
  5. The Thing From the Grave
    by Harold Ward
  6. This Heathen Land
  7. In Our Time
    by P.J.M. Bond
  8. An Inhabitant of Carcosa
    by Ambrose Bierce
  9. The Fearsome Touch of Death
    by Robert E. Howard
  10. Skull-Face (2023 Remaster)
    by Robert E. Howard
  11. Haita the Shepherd '23
    by Ambrose Bierce
  12. Subterranean Terror: 10 Stories of the Dark Places Beneath Us
    by Various Authors
  13. VAMPIRES: 16 Tales of the Undead
    by Various Authors
  14. The Call of Cthulhu '23
    by H. P. Lovecraft
  15. The Yellow Mythos
    by Robert W. Chambers
  16. Casting the Runes
    by M. R. James
  17. Horror at Sea Volume 3: The Nightmare Continues
    by Various Authors
  18. Beyond Vision
    by Acid King
  19. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  20. Houses of Horror
    by Various Authors