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  1. Domani
    by Chip Tanaka
    Decolor Decolor
    MWAH bops from the tippy top to the too-soon stop; this man is a gift
  2. World's End
    by El Huervo
  3. To Stop You Must Die
    by El Huervo
  4. Here comes a new challenger!
    by Chinese Football
  5. Phantom Island
    by BARTEL
  6. catbeats
    by catbeats
  7. Ratvader's Dream
    by Ratvader
  8. Flammarion
    by El Huervo
  9. Untourable Album
    by Men I Trust
  10. Tales From The Disc
    by Lookfar
    Librarian (Ook) Librarian (Ook)
    Discworld x Louie Zong?? I just started Making Money in my marathon read of Discworld, so this was an incredibly timely and entirely unexpected surprise.
    GNU Terry Pratchett
  11. FEZ OST
    by Disasterpeace
  12. FZ: Side F
    by Various Artists
  13. FZ: Side Z
    by Various Artists
  14. Limeade Grin
    by Disasterpeace
    by 4MEN430
  16. Seven Quarantine Poems
    by The Flashbulb
    Window Smoke Window Smoke
    The kind of music that makes you realize the trees have their leaves again.
  17. Papetura Soundtrack
    by Floex
    In Prison In Prison
    The texture of this is fantastic; there's this crackling warmth throughout the mixing that matches the papercraft aesthetic of the game absolutely perfectly.
  18. STAFFcirc vol. 7b - Luna Octava
    by STAFFcirc
    00 Miasmania 00 Miasmania
    Microtonal music always makes me feel like I'm trying to walk through walls, something some part of me feels is possible but that I just didn't learn growing up. Brainbending.
  19. Soundchip Salad
    by kulor
    Zebediah Zebediah
    I'm not a huge folk/indie guy, but this album is too great to worry about the petty constraints of genre.