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  1. Revolution Girl Style Now
    by Bikini Kill
  2. The Singles
    by Bikini Kill
  3. Swine Driver
    by Microwave
  4. Nowhere Feels Like Home
    by Microwave
  5. Stovall
    by Microwave
  6. Evergreen (reissue)
    by Evergreen
    Whip Cream Bottle Whip Cream Bottle
    Snarly , grungy goodness!
  7. Riff Raff Street Cake
    by Damsel Trash
  8. What's Inside Your Butthole
    by Damsel Trash
    Finally, an answer to Eddie Murphy's "Boogie in your Butt" back in the day.
  9. Wendy Davis
    by Damsel Trash
  10. Sex On 8 Wheels
    by Damsel Trash
  11. Wasted $ Broke
    by Damsel Trash
    Bad Dates, Cute Dogs Bad Dates, Cute Dogs
    hard to pick a fave on this record. well done rock record and maybe one of the better screams ever laid down on a track. Check out song "All Girl Band" to see if you don't agree. Metal Horns Up!!!
  12. Soup for Sluts
    by Damsel Trash
    More Drunk, Less Pregnant More Drunk, Less Pregnant
    Snotty, offensive rock and roll with catchy and crunchy riffs. As rock n roll should be...
  13. All Girl Band
    by Damsel Trash
  14. The EPP Tape
    by Damsel Trash
    Toxic Toxic
  15. Wreckin' Ball
    by Damsel Trash
    Miley has the punk spirit-no doubt. But this version takes it up a notch!
  16. Fuck That Guy
    by Damsel Trash
  17. Daniel Tosh
    by Damsel Trash
  18. Live & Unplugged: The Wine Drunk Sessions
    by Damsel Trash
    Violet (the serious one) Violet (the serious one)
    They seem fun, they seem rebellious, and their music just sounds like they are having a blast writing catchy-assed rock songs. This interactive set with the audience proves it. This record is a treat!
  19. Villains (Also Wear White) EP
    by Bam Bam
    I think one of the Soundgardners is in this band before Soundgarden hit. Good if you are a grunge fan.
  20. Tender Fits
    by Lightleak