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  1. Pussy Whipped
    by Bikini Kill
  2. Supermoon
    by Charly Bliss
  3. Sunshine Rock
    by Bob Mould
  4. Ow
    by Pom Pom Squad
    Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
    I think I was hooked from the first line on the song "Ow". Mia has a great voice and her bandmates play well behind her. Very Liz Phair-esque but with more catchier angst. I reiterate, please play Burlington????
  5. Why Love Now
    by Pissed Jeans
    The Bar Is Low The Bar Is Low
    great hardcore effort. the songs build nicely toward crescendo. The love their ability to sound heavy aggressive without having to play at break-neck speed or scream every word. Lead singers got a gruff, Tad-Doyle style voice. My daughter says they sound like a deathcore band called Rat Poison (although PJ has been around a lot longer-so it should be vice versa). Oh, and I can't listen to "I'm a Man" without a chuckle and feeling the need to shower...disturbing! well done!
  6. The Center Won't Hold
    by Sleater-Kinney
    The Future Is Here The Future Is Here
  7. Herb Alert
    by Ellen and the Degenerates
    by Ellen and the Degenerates
  9. Ellen and the Degenerates
    by Ellen and the Degenerates
  10. Smoochy Ska
    by Ilan and the Degenerates
    Great up-tempo ska duet, catchy as hell! Elena is impressive.
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  11. Going on a Trip
    by Ellen and the Degenerates
  12. Return of the Herb
    by Ellen and the Degenerates
    Get Busy Get Busy
    It's a shame this band played their last show in June. Partly because, well I'm selfish, and I never got a chance to see them live. Also, because this band had the goods. What a debut album! If you like up-tempo rock and roll that is punk spirited by all means check it out. Layered guitars, a drummer that is pretty adept at up-shifting the tempo, and vocals unafraid. I guess some bands go out one and done. I would have loved to have heard their encore.
  13. my dad's a fuckn alcoholic
    by hate fuck trio
    No subject is off limits with Hate Fuck Trio as they put together song after song filled with hook and debauchery. This track is no exception. If you haven't spent time with Hate Fuck Trio yet, you should do so. NOW!
  14. Choices, Chances, Changes: Singles & Comptracks 1994-2000
    by Team Dresch
    Deattached Deattached
    Only one song on here is on their two great albums, but that's the good thing. That means there is a handful of new tracks for me to enjoy. Great harmonies, grungy guitar riffs and up tempo song pace- just like Dresch & co are known for. Thanks ladies!
  15. Burnt Sugar
    by Gouge Away
    Psychadelic garage punk never disappointed at the local Charleston venues. I still have the half man-half lizard shirt!
  17. SUX EP
  18. SINGLES: 2013-2016
    community exclusive
  19. In Spades
    by The Afghan Whigs
  20. Chipper
    by Marytree
  21. Gold Dust - E.P
    by SYKES
    saw them at Warped, I forget the year, but her voice is just as hauntingly beautiful as it was back then.
  22. Out Of Your Hands EP
    by SYKES
  23. Gold Dust - Single
    by SYKES
  24. The Remix Ep
    by SYKES
  25. Chances
    by SYKES
  26. Glimmer Remix Ep
    by SYKES
  27. Younger Mind - E.P
    by SYKES
  28. Alien Baby
    by Ultra Dolphins
    First introduced to Why are you Laugh, the UD are a band that writes songs that always seem on the verge of collapse. This swirling chaos is the charm. Alien Baby continues the trend.

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  1. Embrace Death
    by Discomfort (SC)
  2. Alien Baby
    by Ultra Dolphins