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Sean Conrad

  1. Oakland, California
  2. Ambient
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  1. Dreams In Suspension
    by Willow Skye-Biggs
  2. Principia
    by En Attendant Ana
  3. As If Apart
    by Chris Cohen
  4. Quiet Signs
    by Jessica Pratt
  5. On Your Own Love Again
    by Jessica Pratt
  6. Kindness
    by Golden Brown
  7. Generation / Harvest
    by Channelers
  8. It'll Be Gone For A Little While
    by Sawyer G.
  9. Wide Ranging Rider
    by Golden Brown
  10. An Evening Stroll to the Garden Party
    by Ki Oni
  11. Prairiewolf
    by Prairiewolf
  12. Plant Lab
    by Plant Lab
    Really fun album! Excellent keys-driven psychedelia. Fantastic drumming. And some really well-composed tracks to boot!
  13. Slow Fawn
    by Sam Cohen
    Beautiful compositions, wonderful flow, and the sonic textures are finely crafted and gorgeous.
  14. On Recording - A Manifesto
    by Chris Schlarb
    Stokin' up a big fire of inspiration!
  15. Time, Space, and Thought
    by Channelers
  16. Terra Preta
    by Skyminds
  17. Wake
    by Rosa Beach Mason & Sean Conrad
  18. Weird Choices
    by Golden Brown
  19. Wide Ranging Rider
    by Golden Brown
  20. Reflections
    by Inner Travels