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  1. Cosmic Diaspora
    by Shnabubula
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    VII God Plays Dice VII God Plays Dice
    With a lot of modern electronic genres (complextro for example), there's a sort of thing can transcribe the notes, but resulting sheet music doesn't really capture the song, since it's about the instrumentation and synth work just as much (if not more) than the notes themselves. The music from this album follows a similar concept, but far, FAR beyond. Every element combines perfectly into an overwhelming amalgamation of sounds that seem beyond this world. 4 cuils. S rank. AOTY.
  2. Werewolf Game Music
    by Hiroki Kikuta
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    Where did you come from Black Sheep Where did you come from Black Sheep
  3. Cybersoccer 4141 Perfect Best Selection
    by Shnabubula
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    Let Us Yeah to the Moment of Exact Goal!! Let Us Yeah to the Moment of Exact Goal!!
  4. Almost Music
    by Jork
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    Almost Music Almost Music
  5. Uneasy Truce
    by Jork
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    Uneasy Truce Uneasy Truce
  6. Variations on a Meme
    by Jork
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    Odd Sympathy Odd Sympathy
  7. My Life Walkthrough
    by Jork
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    2000s 2000s
  8. Shh...
    by Jork
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    Cake Cake
    by kawaiizebra!! AKA mycutiemarkisagun
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    *POMF* *POMF*
    ponies in a blender with trap beats and trippy chops, o bby
  10. VGMCAST Vol. 5
    by Shnabubula
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    Treasure Master - Worlds 3 & 5 [Microchip] Treasure Master - Worlds 3 & 5 [Microchip]
    It wasn't my idea to suggest Microchip, but shnabubula knocked this STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PARK. That track is possibly one of the most impressive things he's played.
  11. VGMCAST Vol. 3
    by Shnabubula
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    Igorrr - Infinite Loop Igorrr - Infinite Loop
    Breakcore? Transcribed to piano? Yes, and it's more beautiful than I could have imagined.
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  13. Retourne
    by JAQL
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    Crap Slap Crap Slap
    this EP contains an unfathomably delectable palette of titillating textures coupled with wonky vibes, and is a quintessentially FUCKING AWESOME COLLECTION OF SOUNDS.
  14. Please Don't Scare the Children
    by Mazedude
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    Backwards Funk Backwards Funk
    mind melting awesomeness and delicious trippy tunes. the first two tracks ALONE make the album well worth grabbing.
    by Renard
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    every track is amazing wow. It's rare that I come across an entire album that's an instant-keeper. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE.
  16. 7bit date: robot love
    by beek
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    omega, omicron omega, omicron
    I really don't know what to say about this except IT'S GREAT and IT'S BEEK. If you like module-based chiptunes, grab this.
  17. Sunday
    by D Fast
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    Liquid Cool Liquid Cool
    the most relaxing thing that still qualifies as bigbeat (or at least funky breaks) that you will ever hear. Every track is STELLAR.
  18. Crystal Consciousness ft. Choric Lumina
    by Skytree
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    Antediluvian Dub ft. Choric Lumina Antediluvian Dub ft. Choric Lumina
    This is actually an important album to me for personal reasons, but besides that, it has an amazing sound. Foley future bass, or something. Close 2nd for my favorite track: "Ten Thousand Oaks"
  19. Song of Storms
    by Travis Lien
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  20. Timelapse in Colour
    by Ray & the Prisms
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    Astrograph Astrograph
    Imagine Boards of Canada tried to emulate BMSR, or maybe the other way around. That's how I would describe this album. Great music to trip over.
  21. 226 B.C
    by Xerxes
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    We Can Finally See We Can Finally See
    Kind of a mixed bag, but a good mixed bag. Chill with a good (usually simple) groove, for the better.