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  1. The Darkest Age - Live 93
    by VADER
  2. Princess of Power
    by She-Ra
    It's not outstanding, this EP, but it planted the seed. EP2 is more fun and sounds less overengineered. It's almost the difference between the '80s She-Ra cartoon and Noelle Stevenson's superlative recent reboot: raw materials all there, but so much more potential untapped. Roll on October 5th: Crownkiller promises much and has much to live up to.
  3. Crownkiller
    by She-Ra
    The excitement generayed by one track from this upcoming debut full-length around these parts already spans three generations. Evolving from the "thrashy power metal" of the fun but throwaway _EPII: This Time the Songs are Abput Computer Games_, _Crownkiller_ promises to live up to its ambitious title. Roll on October 5th!
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  4. European Domestic Shorthair
    by Plastic Face
  5. The Truthseeker
    by Mountain Caller
    Only one track tells me this is something special. I mean, NHS have a pretty good track record but they do miss once in a while: this is another case of "thank you NHS!". Think Helen (Kimmo, from Finland) blended with Entombed circa that stonking 'Night of the Vampire' cover, blended with Agalloch-ish black metal. So excited to hear the rest!
  6. For Whom the Bell Tolls
    by Alien Queen
    Imagine the Hypocrisy you might have found drinking and jamming after getting a debut out but before embracing The Pleasures of Molestation deciding to drench themselves in acid and cover Metallica off the cuff. Killer shit, yo.
  7. Live from Death Row
    by R.I.P.
    Smoke and Lightning Smoke and Lightning
    Imagine primo Pentagram played by half of Melechesh with Victor Griffin very much in tonal residence. Street doom sounds about right!
  8. Non:Analog - On:Stage Series - LIVE 1990, 1991 UNKNOWN
    by Death
    Within The Mind - Live Within The Mind - Live
    Interesting track. A Spiritual cut that ushers Human in. I bet a little digging will tell where these were recorded, when exactly and with which lineup. Sounds like one show early on in the Reinhert/Masvidal/DiGiorgio lineup.
  9. Non:Analog - On:Stage Series - New Rochelle, NY 12-03-1988
    by Death
    Leprosy (Live) Leprosy (Live)
    The audio here is of questionable quality, and I know there are better recordings of this Death lArguably I should have been a more discerning consumer - try before you buy - but I was getting to trust the Non:Analog series not be an excuse to ship muddy bootlegs and sell them for more than new records. Disappointing, much as it's always a pleasure to hear a snapshot of Death on its journey.
  10. Martyr Messiah
    by Infamous Pariah
    Black Wizardry (Satan is God) Black Wizardry (Satan is God)
    Very much what it says on the tin: a lockdown lovenote to the BM that sent RW into the Netherworld - or made him sell his soul to Manilla Road. They're both fine choices: whatever floats your boat.
  11. Matriarch
    by Alien Queen
    Unknown Structures of Skin and Bone Unknown Structures of Skin and Bone
    Because Hypocrisy's first two were extremely formative for me. This is sort of like the Tangerine of the first record with the control of later triumphs like Abducted, but really, there are few today who get this sort of groovy but gutwrenching death metal as right as RW manages here.
  12. Antifascist Neofolk
    by Sea Wolves of the Atlantic
    White Hell White Hell
    Along with Black Heaven, sterling musical reflections of a concept which is worth it for the statement. Well done once again, RW!
  13. Жизнь
    by БАТЮШКА
    смерть смерть
    Greek/Russian "orthodox doom"? Not quite, but I think pretty close. Killer shit, yo.
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  14. The Tertiary Rite
    by ACERUS
    "The sleeper has awakened!" Moving well beyond the territory haunted by The Chasm over their many lost years, this heavy thrashing metal proposition, Acerus, helmed by Daniel Corchado, have been a source for deep fistbanging since recordings began appearing here on Bandcamp. Yet _TTR_ certainly sounds significantly more like a full production, while keeping the immediate, one-take-ish rehearsal room vibe.
  15. Lost In Time 7"
    by Seven Sisters
    Wicked Steel Wicked Steel
    Seven Sisters leave me wondering what is next for them as well as questioning if they're being transparent. To explain, LiT sounds considerably older than it actually is with a demo-like quality to the audio which seems slightly contrived. But then the more I listen the more the warmth comes through and the more the choice to leave space in the sound for the quieter parts makes sense. It's nice to hear the cracklings into the red on occasion, but one also feels this was a learning experience.
  16. The Warden Demo
    by Seven Sisters
    No Guts, No Glory No Guts, No Glory
    So this is weird. This is a demo - and I can even hear what sounds like tape noise masquerading as a count beat on the opening track at one point - but the overall sound if anything sings more than the 7" that follows it. I'm not sure I'm much of a SS fan, but the dedication and craft is definitely there, beating out some contemporaries whose profile outstrips theirs. On to the Crystal Ship, which my boy in Dethonator says is the best they've done thus far. (It's the Crystal Temple, actually!)
  17. The Witch's Eye - British Steel Compilation
    by Seven Sisters
  18. Campfire Tales
    by Seven Sisters
    Borderline (Thin Lizzy) - Acoustic Version Borderline (Thin Lizzy) - Acoustic Version
    Not sure I love this. Bit schmaltzy, but a good approximation of power metal done on a camping holiday...
  19. Seven Sisters
    by Seven Sisters
    Pure as Sin Pure as Sin
    First thought on reading the production info: you lucky ones, getting mastered by Patrick Engel at ToD! The sound here brings atmosphere to what SS do, though you can tell that last year's "The Crystal Temple" represents much better what SS would like to sound like. They're not Portrait, anymore than they are Twisted Tower Dire. If they play with a band I love - Dethonator spring to mind... - I'd definitely be open to being converted to their cause in person...
  20. The Crystal Temple
    by Seven Sisters
    This really does bring out what SS were trying to get at all along. And though they're no Twisted Tower Dire, I have to confess that they are getting me hooked in by power metal a la the children of Painkiller much more than is normal. Maybe a study of TTD might help. What do you say, ye men of the SS?