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  1. Hell Machine
    by Screamer
  2. Kill Everyone
    by Killing
  3. Worshipers of the Serpent
    by Temple of Gorgon
  4. Epipath & Ocular
    by Bioplan
  5. North Sea
    by Servants To The Tide
  6. Ember
    Ember Ember
    This one is, because of the distorted Bass, Feeling like worshipping MANOWAR out of a Doom Metal perspective. Theres guitar AND vocal harmonies and some high pitched screams so it's got all trademarks I love PLUS the guys are funny, sweet dudes. Check my interview with em on Schwermetallisch Reviews @ YouTube
    by FULANNO
  8. Seiches and Sirens
    by Almost Honest
  9. Computer Warrior
    by Oath Sc
    Mean Streets Mean Streets
    Imagine Duran Duran's "Wild Boys" vibe with a hefty dose of the best the NWOBHM had to offer and you get the sound Steven Waddel creates. There is also some serious Thin Lizzy magic going on
  10. Vs. Gargantuan
  11. Four Tales of the Strange (Split)
    by Bog Wizard, Dust Lord
  12. Somos la Noche
    by Inferous
  13. Ta Mig Med Ner till Hel
    by Ersta Hårdrock
  14. From the Mire
    by Bog Wizard
  15. The Age Of Ice
    by Atom Smasher
  16. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    by Lycanthro
  17. Markgraf
    by Markgraf
  18. LP
    by Green Shepherd
  19. Lost Orbiter
    by Mindcrawler
  20. Mountain Pass
    by Phantom Hound