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  1. Sacrifice
    by Gravebreaker
  2. ...Unto the Breach
    by Sellsword
  3. The Siege of Jerusalem
    by Stone Dagger
    Black Clad Rider Black Clad Rider
    awesome what Mr Radigan did here, totally epic, authentic and with fists held high
  4. The Poisoner
    by White Crone
  5. Turbo City
    by Stunner
    Kinda rough and dirty in a good way ;)
  6. Time To Strike
    by Sandstorm
    Death Is Near Death Is Near
    catchy earcandy cheesefest in a Manowar meets Steel Panther but better kind of way
  7. Embrace the Dark- Seek the Light
    by Syrinx
    ZXY: (Shrouds/Exposure/Levity) ZXY: (Shrouds/Exposure/Levity)
    surreal, complex but endearing. a progressive heavy metal jorney
  8. Stranded
    by Void Vator
    awesome record of the unexpected kind, Void Vator are clearly metal but with an alternative twist. Metallica meet the Foo Fighters but in a cool extraordinary way
  9. Hymns of the Damned
    by Hazemaze
    these guys know their fuzzy craft. Heavy as life itself, hypnotizing like a black-hole and unstoppable like a steamroller. They destroy in slow-motion and I really love the fact Ludwig Andersson rather sounds like John Garcia than Ozzy. The riffs are strong with this one, bass lines undergirding and drums that top it off
  10. Tension EP
    by Tension
    Midnight Traveller Midnight Traveller
    This is a fresh band aiming skyhigh, young dudes playing old-school Heavy Rock for the ages. check em out while they still rule the underground
  11. Reforge The Steel
    by Kaine
    Reforge The Steel Reforge The Steel
    Rage Sadler’s vocals are raw enough to drip with trueness and he can hit some high notes too (while playing one of two kick ass guitars) speaking of kick ass: Toby Woods (guitars), Liam Etheridge (drums) and Isaac Healy (bass) unite with Sadler to rip your head off and kick you in the nuts in a way that makes you smile. I have to state that I never heard blast-beats in a melodic song before and I absolutely love it!
  12. War At The Edge of Time
    by Arcane Tyrant
    Arcane Tyrant Arcane Tyrant
    Arcane Tyrant just remind me of the time when metal was dangerous and raw, the barbaric golden times of metal
  13. If Icarus Could Fly
    by Haunt
    Run And Hide Run And Hide
    if you love metal and especially the old ways of the NWOBHM mixed with a modern but authentic production you should check them out because they will be big, board the hype train