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  1. Corduroy Road
    by Goldmund
    Marching Through Georgia Marching Through Georgia
    Keith just makes the loveliest songs.
  2. Wild Pink
    by Wild Pink
    Great Apes Great Apes
  3. The Incessant
    by Meat Wave
    At The Lake At The Lake
    The Meat hath broughteth the heat.
  4. Delusion Moon
    by Meat Wave
    Delusion Moon Delusion Moon
  5. Pinegrove - Audiotree Live
    by Pinegrove
    Angelina Angelina
    everyone loves this band and this live session is tops so what else is there to even say, geez
  6. Pretty Years
    by Cymbals Eat Guitars
    Wish Wish
    In my opinion, this is Cymbals Eat Guitars finest album in a discography that is very consistently good. I think the songs are great and I think the production quality has really been stepped up, even between this and LOSE. Their drummer is a beast and the drums sound great (just a random note, as I am a drummer). These guys are a force to be reckoned with live, so if they come to your town, don't skip it.
  7. Mellow Owl
    by peter and the wolf
    01 supermellofied 01 supermellofied
    The song Lightness by Peter & The Wolf has come to have significant value to me. Naturally, I looked to the other artists work for more. While I'm still getting to know this album, I can tell it will make me feel that particular brand of adventurous and wistful. First track is so beautiful.
  8. Lightness
    by peter and the wolf
    16 Lightness 16 Lightness
    I was introduced to P&TW by a good friend last Summer, via the song "lightness" being used as the penultimate track on a lengthy mix he had made me for a westward journey.
    I have an office job in Chicago, and was given the opportunity to take a 6 week leave of absence to go live and work at Glacier National Park.
    Long story short, that song became an important part of that experience. I loved it so that I bought this album and have found it to be just as magical as that particular track.
  9. Is The Meat That Fell Out
    by Stove
    The Meat The Meat
  10. Weather Vanes
    by History Now
    Easy Sweep Easy Sweep
  11. The Party
    by Andy Shauf
    The Magician The Magician
  12. Sham Cloud
    by Fond Han
    Rink Brat Rink Brat
  13. Is A Toad In The Rain
    by Stove
    Goose Ghost Goose Ghost
  14. Austerity Measures
    by Liam Betson
    Mispronounced Mispronounced
  15. Three Songs
    by LVL UP
    The Closing Door The Closing Door
    More spicy-hot gumbo to spoon into your ears. LVL UP write great songs and there is just something charming (wish i could put charming in italics) about them.
  16. return
    by blue smiley
    old old
    Strange, warbly-guitared, jittery, emotional, pop -leaning rock tunes. Or something like that. I'm not a music writer. I like this. Philly churns out the best of the weird; brushing the hair out of their eyes, their clothes tattered, they slither out of the basements into the harsh light of day.
  17. Cardinal
    by Pinegrove
    Old Friends Old Friends
    I am 29 and to be very real, I'm just not as passionate about music as I used to be. it's a reality that I think a lot of people grapple with with aging. I have an abiding love and passion for music but the urgency, the elation, the 'this is life changing' nature of music discovering of days past is largely gone. I'm not seeking out bands on the headphone stations at Borders with eager anticipation anymore. RIP Borders. With all of this being said, it is the rare band or album that feels even partially revelatory to me these days and Pinegrove is such a band. Cardinal makes me feel good and wistful and optimistic and sorta glum throughout its well paced, concise running time. It's an album I could drive to exuberantly with the windows down or listen to on headphones walking introspectively around my neighborhood in Chicago. I read that the singer takes a long time to write songs but hopefully the follow up record isn't too far off. Big thumbs up.
  18. Trading Basics
    by Palm
    Crank Crank
  19. Is Stupider
    by Stove
    Stupider Stupider
  20. Everything So Far
    by Pinegrove
    New Friends New Friends
  21. Runners In The Nerved World
    by The Sidekicks
    The Kid Who Broke His Wrist The Kid Who Broke His Wrist
    I think my old played with these guys in Buffalo a long time ago. They were good. Then I came across their name somewhere and checked this album out and it is good.
  22. Sugarwater
    by Swings
    Tiles Tiles
  23. Vacant Page
    by Leapling
    Crooked Crooked