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  2. Metal
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  1. Self Titled
    by Spiritbox
  2. Rule Of Nines
    by Spiritbox
  3. Holy Roller
    by Spiritbox
  4. Blessed Be
    by Spiritbox
  5. Singles Collection
    by Spiritbox
  6. The Circle
    by Heretoir
    Golden Dust Golden Dust
  7. Golden Dust (Acoustic Version)
    by Heretoir feat. Emily Highfield (Suldusk)
  8. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
    by clipping.
  9. The Greatest Mistake of My Life [Explicit]
    by Holding Absence
    In Circles In Circles
  10. Times of Change (Extended Edition)
    by Kostas Panagiotou
  11. New Haven
    by The Chant
    Falling Kind Falling Kind
  12. Approacher
    by The Chant
  13. A Healing Place
    by The Chant
  14. Guiding Lights
    Guiding Lights Guiding Lights
  15. Out of Time
    by Skyharbor
  16. Skeleton Lake
    by Hanging Garden
  17. For Those That Wish To Exist
    by Architects
    Animals Animals
  18. The Fathomless Mastery
    by Bloodbath
  19. The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn
    by Bloodbath
  20. Grand Morbid Funeral
    by Bloodbath