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  1. Red Scare Industries: 15 Years of Tears and Beers
    by The Copyrights, Sincere Engineer, Broadway Calls, Elway, The Bombpops, Brendan Kelly, Sundowner
    Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds "All I Hear Is Static" Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds "All I Hear Is Static"
  2. When The Day Is Done
    by Territories
  3. HHR016 - Tuning Out
    by Wicked Bears
    Nickel Arcade Nickel Arcade
    This band, man. Writing some of the catchiest tunes and punchiest lyrics.
  4. Giant Eagles - Giant Egos
    by Shield Recordings
    It's Gonna Take Some Time It's Gonna Take Some Time
  5. Lessons on Love, Sharing, & Hygiene
    by the Capitalist Kids
  6. Live in Italy 2019
    by The Copyrights
  7. Covers
    by Hospital Job
    Niteclub Niteclub
  8. Where’s My Shirt?
    by Quaranteens
  9. Three
    by Old Wives
    Lying Through My Drink Lying Through My Drink
    You ever meet someone and you have a pleasant enough time with them, then you don’t see them for a long time, and the next time you hang with them you’re like, “Oh my god, I think I’m falling for this person. How could I have not realized how amazing they were last time?” That’s me and Old Wives. I’m sorry I didn’t fall for you sooner.
  10. Six Feet Deep
    by Tightwire
    Six Feet Deep Six Feet Deep
    I’m so happy The Copyrights and Teen Idols knocked boots and had this beautiful child.
  11. Be Good
    by Off With Their Heads
    Trash It Trash It
    Of all OWTH albums, man does this one hit home.
  12. You Can't Call Me Al
    by Jonah Ray
    Welcome To (Amish) Paradise Welcome To (Amish) Paradise
    I never knew I needed this. Now I know I need more.
  13. Shit's Lookin' Up!
    by Local Drags
    Hidden Track Hidden Track
    Hidden Track may be one of the best pop punk songs ever written. Doesn't hurt the rest of this album rips too.
  14. Welcome Wagon - Single
    by The Copyrights
    You expect me to wait until July to get the 7" and listen to this? I'll see your bet, capitalism.
  15. What A Mess
    by The Murderburgers
    Dying On An Empty Stomach Dying On An Empty Stomach
  16. Re-Animation Festival
    by The Copyrights
    Tunnel Of Love Tunnel Of Love
    Like peanut butter & chocolate. Can't wait to pick up the vinyl.
  17. Haze Like Me
    by Hospital Job
    Dead End Street Dead End Street
    If you need me I'll be over here listening to Dead End Street on repeat forever.
  18. Almost Everything
    by Grath Madden
    House Boat - A Song In Which I Try To Convince Myself To Stop Being Such A Fucking Idiot House Boat - A Song In Which I Try To Convince Myself To Stop Being Such A Fucking Idiot
    I own most of this stuff already, but I'll pay for the convenience of having it in one place. Grath is one of the best songwriters in this scene and he deserves all the money thrown his way.
  19. Decisions
    by Starter Jackets
    You Had Me At Goodbye You Had Me At Goodbye
    When does Luke McNeill sleep?
  20. Weird Skin
    by Weird Skin
    Last Wording Each Other Last Wording Each Other
    These tracks make me real happy. Craving more already.