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  1. Acid Cake EP
    by Lukas Firtzer
  2. KSTR EP
    by Lukas Firtzer
  3. Sea & Sun EP [SE01]
    by AIROD
  4. Rave Station EP [ELXR002]
    by AIROD - Farrago - Milo Spykers
  5. Freefall
    by Airod
  6. Universe of 90's Techno Parties
    by AIROD
  7. Physical Pressure EP [ELXR001]
    by AIROD
  8. Focus EP [MLKL013]
    by AIROD
  9. Curving Lines
    by AIROD
  10. Binary Groove
    by AIROD
  11. Sine Crush
    by AIROD
  12. Cosmic Waves
    by AIROD
  13. Silent States
    by AIROD
  14. Deadlight
    by AIROD
  15. Drug Seller
    by AIROD
  16. RR001
  17. Body Music
    by Thomas P. Heckmann
  18. The World Is MIND
    by KRS-One
  19. Stars Are the Light
    by Moon Duo
  20. On Tour / Reunion
    by The Young Ones Of Guyana
  21. Warp And Woof
    by Guided By Voices
  22. Reward
    by Cate Le Bon
  23. We Fall
    by Josephine Wiggs
  24. Gastwerk Saboteurs
    by Imperial Wax
  25. Island
    by Ana da Silva & Phew
    A beautiful abstract flow of sound, not ambient or drone but it's own unique thing that grows on you with each listen, hearing new elements as you become familiar but always eludes your grasp. A favorite.
  26. The Lighthouse
    by Ana da Silva
  27. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Grounation
    by Dub Store Records
  28. Zeppelin Over China
    by Guided By Voices
  29. 17.3
    by Roma Amor
  30. Heavy Rocks
    by Boris
  31. Two Windows
    by Lali Puna
  32. 2018 Monthly Digital Single: March
    by irr. app. (ext.)
  33. 2018 Monthly Digital Single: April
    by irr. app. (ext.)
  34. Subversive III: De Spelende Mens
    by Radar men from the Moon
  35. Ex-Girl - Kero Kero Kero (1999 Japanese Girl Punk) SR11
    by Ex-Girl
  36. Women of the World
    by Stories from the She-Punks
  37. Mountain Moves
    by Deerhoof
  38. acapulco
    by la position du tireur couché
  39. Home Counties
    by Saint Etienne
  40. Octopus Off Broadway
    by Parlour
  41. Hives Fives
    by Parlour
  42. Googler
    by Parlour
  43. Occult Architecture Vol. 2
    by Moon Duo
  44. Tschak!
    by Gnoomes
  45. Collection
    by Morbid Opera