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  1. Palberta5000
    by Palberta
  2. Paths of Color
    by Nina Ryser
  3. The Bitter Lay
    by Arch Garrison
  4. Here Comes A Man From The Council With A Flamethrower
    by A Formal Horse
  5. Hip To The Jag
    by Kavus Torabi
  6. CONFINEMENT/release3
    by Various
  7. 黑的意义The Meaning of Blackness 礼节先于义务 比一切都要快 未曾诞生于光中的微笑
    by 灰野敬二 Keiji Haino
  8. What Would The Odd Do?
    by Guerilla Toss
  9. Live Tapes (1990 - 2003)
    by Rafael Toral
  10. Souvenir Cassette
    by After Dinner
  11. Souvenir Cassette
    by After Dinner
  12. Singin' to God
    by The 180 Gs
  13. I Will Only Come When It's A Yes
    by rose hotel
  14. Birthday
    by Pom Poko
    by Spratleys Japs
  16. Tuxedo
    by Jasmin Kaset & Quichenight
  17. Twisted Crystal
    by Guerilla Toss
  18. A Journey
    by Ché-SHIZU
  19. Sousoume Tamachek
    by Mdou Moctar
  20. Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai OST
    by Mdou Moctar