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  1. Zelda Cinematica: A Symphonic Tribute
    by Sam Dillard
  2. Ballads of Hyrule
    by Rozen
  3. Sins of Hyrule
    by Rozen
  4. Children of Termina
    by Rozen
  5. Hero of Time (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")
    by Eric Buchholz
  6. Breath of the Wild
    by Marc Jungermann
  7. Hyrulean Tales (Zeldathon 25 Credits Roll)
    by Rozen
  8. Song of Storms: Love Goes Around
    by Rozen
  9. Ballad of the Goddess
    by Reven
  10. Fódlan Winds (From "Fire Emblem Three Houses")
    by Rozen, Reven
  11. Journey
    by Austin Wintory
  12. The Anastasia Project
    by Sam Dillard
  13. Xeno Cross- A Chrono Cross & Xenogears Tribute
    by Sam Dillard
  14. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Daniel Ran
  15. Beyond Skyrim: Three Kingdoms (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Alex Catana, Jon Richards, Alex Jordon, Sergey Neiss, Vladislav Saturian
  16. Snowtopia
    by The Game Brass
  17. Brassino Isles Tropical Cruise
    by The Game Brass
  18. Brass Castles: A Tribute to Video Game Fortresses
    by The Game Brass
  19. Brasslevania: A Tribute to the Video Game Macabre
    by The Game Brass
  20. MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes
    by Materia Community