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  2. Electronic
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  1. Pocket Selector
    by Dev/Null
    by CYMBA
  3. Radio Scotvoid - SLOW [RSVP016]
    by RSVP Tapes
    Radio Scotvoid - Vamp For Pie Radio Scotvoid - Vamp For Pie
  4. Sing A Simple Song / Klapp Back
    by The White Blinds
  5. Abba Mausoleum
    by Daniel Savio
  6. Hämärä Komero EP
    by Mesak
  7. Eos
    by parisonic
  8. Flamigo
    by Light Club
  9. Machine Heavy
    by Chris Moss Acid
  10. Street Poisoning
    by Daniel Savio
  11. Kooky Nuts Pop Vol.3
    by Various Artists
  12. Cardboard Cathedral
    by Lavender Worm
  13. Milwauskweee Vol. 4
    by Innocuous Records
    Little Bubble Little Bubble
  14. Gamma
    by Forrest James
    Wes Static Wes Static
  15. The Protector
    by Ali Berger
  16. Someday This Will All Be Ash
    by Beans
  17. Flight 400666
    by Plain James
  18. All The Cancer
    by J. M. Smig
  19. Radio Skotvoid - The Story So Far... [RSVP015]
    by RSVP Tapes
  20. Nibiru Tut
    by Beans