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  1. PF13 The Valley and The Mountain - Gentle Waters Keep Moving
    by Photic Fields
    Mainfest III (Initation Sequence) Mainfest III (Initation Sequence)
  2. Theory of Colours
    by Dauwd
    Glass Jelly Glass Jelly
    Deep luscious music that brings deep house-ambient and touches of downtempo techno with a real feeling of thought in the music. A memorizing mellowing listen with just the right amount of head nodding groove that will keep you coming back to this album again and again!
  3. interpolation tapes [restoration three]
    by radius
  4. dc trax [the octal years]
    by various
  5. summer cottage soundscapes
    by shorelights
  6. Architects of Existence
    by Architects of Existence
    Part Four Part Four
  7. Réchauffé
    by Autrax
    Intro Intro
    A album that takes you back to the 90's where ambient acid-trance-techno ruled! This is almost like a tribute album to labels like Eye Q, early Fax, Harthouse and to artist like Oliver Lieb, Sven Vath, Earth Nation, Sequential;;;etc; A wonderful album influenced by the past that sounds wonderfully refreshing today!
  8. Kalaatsakia LP (The Bunker New York 025)
    by Gunnar Haslam
    Broadcast Broadcast
  9. interpolation tapes [restoration two]
    by radius
    interpolation [7] excerpt interpolation [7] excerpt
  10. interpolation tapes [restoration one]
    by radius
    interpolation [2] excerpt interpolation [2] excerpt
  11. Antebellum
    by Raw C
    Antebellum I Antebellum I
  12. Invisible Light
    by Material Object + Ishq
    12 GHz 12 GHz
  13. [statik entertainment 28] reactivity
    by daniel stefanik
    reactivity 1 reactivity 1
  14. Cinecity
    by Twotone
    This Edit This Edit
    Deep elegant dub-(deep)house/techno. A wonderful absorbing and elegant listen from beginning to end. A must for Geoff White early Luomo, Kit Clayton, Basic Channel fans... also anyone into quality dub electronic music for the mind... Excellent!

    Don't forget to check his other excellent dub-glitch-minimal project Mieli 'Versions' album!
  15. Version
    by Mieli
    Hometime Hometime
    After being pleasantly surprised with Twotone's excellent 'Cinecity' album, decided to buy Mieli 'Version' album (aka Twtone).. Another gem! Deep captivating glitch-dub techno/house excellence. Minimal in style but with plenty of depth that hits the sweet spot of dubby but less abstract side of Kit Clayton, Pole, V/Delay..with added warmth & minimalism of Farben/Gramm. This album certainly sits with the best of glitch & dub-tech of early Scape, Force Inc & Mille Plateaux labels...A real gem!
  16. Nature Flash Drop
    by Racecorner
    Floating Tank Floating Tank
    Wonderful listen into dub-techno surfing dub-house - perfect for head nodding grooves and also deeper mellowing out!
  17. Dual Craters
    by Ichinen
    First impact First impact
  18. F.L.O. - Pruinae
    by Tehnofonika Records
    F.L.O. - Raureif F.L.O. - Raureif
  19. amongst the stars
    by intrusion
    amongst the stars [intrusion's extended dub] amongst the stars [intrusion's extended dub]
  20. The Return Of The Acid Fucker
    by Thomas P. Heckmann
    The Return Of The Acid Fucker The Return Of The Acid Fucker
  21. DRAX - RED
    by Thomas P. heckmann
    Interior Interior
  22. Whisper in a Dream (feat. Fatima Lily)
    by Uskmatu
    Whisper in a Dream Whisper in a Dream
  23. beyond dreams [analog passages]
    by cv313
    beyond dreams [analog passage] 1 beyond dreams [analog passage] 1
  24. vortexual [element one]
    by variant
    vortexual [element one] tape session [excerpt] vortexual [element one] tape session [excerpt]
  25. vortexual [element two]
    by variant
    vortexual [element two] tape session [excerpt] vortexual [element two] tape session [excerpt]
  26. How About Some More Ether
    by Solid Doctor
    The Here And Now Are Nowhere The Here And Now Are Nowhere
    Fabulous good feeling music across 6 CDs delivering a very absorbing listen through lush, groovy, mellowing, deep, fun, intelligent, funky, chilled moods blending various genres across Balearic-Downtempo-Future Jazz-Idm-House and Trip Hop music...Music that certainly brings joy to the soul!
  27. lantern
    by Shinsuke Matsumoto
    aqua aqua
  28. Island Oasis
    by Mystica Tribe
    New Beginnings New Beginnings
  29. TEAC Life
    by Legowelt
    The Soul Of A City The Soul Of A City
  30. vortexual [element zero]
    by variant
    vortexual [element zero] tape session [excerpt] vortexual [element zero] tape session [excerpt]
  31. vortexual [element four]
    by variant
    vortexual [element four] tape session [excerpt] vortexual [element four] tape session [excerpt]
  32. obsolete machines [w/cv313 reshapes]
    by radius
    ethersonic [cv313 reshape] ethersonic [cv313 reshape]
  33. absonia
    by phase90
    a b s o n i a a b s o n i a
  34. Pulsed Lavage
    by Pharmakustik
    Pulsed Lavage Pulsed Lavage
  35. Apeiron
    by Noumen
    Outlook Outlook
  36. live in detroit [ghost in the sound]
    by deepchord presents echospace
    [ghost in the sound ] live 1 [ghost in the sound ] live 1
  37. vortexual [element three]
    by variant
    vortexual [element three] tape session [excerpt] vortexual [element three] tape session [excerpt]
  38. vortexual [element seven] bvdub's ghosts of a broken october
    by variant
  39. Valere Aude (The Bunker New York 020)
    by Romans
    Cirta Cirta
  40. Seasons(LANT021)
    by Martin Schulte
    Winter Calmness Winter Calmness
  41. Return to Auratia
    by variant
    Return To Auratia [Enchantment] Return To Auratia [Enchantment]
  42. vortexual - element zero [coppice halifax nightly excavation]
    by variant
    element zero [coppice halifax's nightly excavation] element zero [coppice halifax's nightly excavation]
  43. cv313 [live] : land of the low lying clouds [edition two]
    by cv313
    cv313 [live] : land of the low lying clouds [edition two] cv313 [live] : land of the low lying clouds [edition two]
  44. Origin
    by Dublicator
    Infinite Infinite
  45. drummy
    by Xcor