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  1. Whip Crack
    by Louisianna Purchase
  2. Planet 9
    by Rose McGowan
  3. Rock Love & Red Lipstick
    by MY RUIN
  4. I'm A Woman
    by TAIRRIE B
  5. Euphonic
    by Batmoth
  6. Vampfeast
    by Batmoth
  7. The Eerie
    by Batmoth
  8. The Crows
    by Batmoth
  9. Ghoul's Boogie
    by Batmoth
  10. Bones of Brian Jones
    by Batmoth
  11. Stormwinds
    by Armed Love Militia
  12. Dream45
    by Armed Love Militia
  14. Don't Stay in School
    by Boyinaband
    Relevant, intelligent and great music.
  15. Spectrum (ft. Cryaotic & Minx)
    by Boyinaband
    Sexual preference/gender shouldn't even be an issue... until it no longer is, this track is beautiful, sad and inspiring.
  16. The Problem Was Me (2013)
    by Amarante
    My Dark Side My Dark Side
    Haunting sound.
  17. Black Blizzard
    by Die So Fluid
    G and the DSF crew are just all round amazing rock n' rollers.
  18. HEY JACK!
    by Lunar Madam