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  1. Come Out Come Out
    by Cub
    Ticket To Spain Ticket To Spain
  2. Box of Hair
    by Cub
    Pillow Queen Pillow Queen
  3. All Of Us Flames
    by Ezra Furman
    Forever In Sunset Forever In Sunset
  4. Ow
    by Pom Pom Squad
    Honeysuckle Honeysuckle
  5. Death of a Cheerleader
    by Pom Pom Squad
    Drunk Voicemail Drunk Voicemail
  6. They Might Be Giants (First Album)
    by They Might Be Giants
  7. Soothsayer
    by Kyle Kidd
    Scars Alight Scars Alight
  8. All My Heroes Are Cornballs
    Thot Tactics Thot Tactics
  9. Communist Slow Jams
  10. LP!
  11. Are You Happy
    by NNAMDÏ
  12. Jp4
    by Junglepussy
    Arugula Arugula
  13. Oh, Shadowless
    by Neko Case
  14. BRAT
    by NNAMDÏ
    Bullseye Bullseye
  15. The Final Exit of the Disciples of Ascensia Soundtrack
    by Jonni Phillips
    Hold On, Sailor Hold On, Sailor
  16. she's my baby
    by Kambaba Jasper
  17. Laurel Hell
    by Mitski
    Heat Lightning Heat Lightning
    i cant believe how well Mitski continually takes on new sounds and genres without sounding like anyone else. love this so far and im excited for the full release
  18. Rainforest
    by Noname
  19. Room 25
    by Noname
    Ace Feat. Smino & Saba Ace Feat. Smino & Saba
  20. divine angel
    by jyu
    glass glass