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  1. haves of a hole
    by exandroid
  2. Down Bad
    by exandroid
    G A L A X Y B R A I N G A L A X Y B R A I N
    Totally unique synthy goodness
  3. o6.29
    by exandroid
    know i know you know i know know i know you know i know
    Simply put: a masterpiece. Synthwave, trip-hop, chiptunes, jazz?? All blended together making a beautiful auditory journey.
    by exandroid
    undefeated. undefeated.
    exandroid always blows my mind. One of the most underrated artists making music today.
  5. Welcome to the Hellclub
    by exandroid
    refridgerator refridgerator
    I love this album. It's truly one of a kind: Moody, cyberpunk, glorious-mixing genres you never hear mixed elsewhere.
  6. Pride and Pestilence
    by Ektogasm
    by Carpenter Brut
    Leather Teeth Leather Teeth
  8. Disasters for Piano
    by David Peacock
    Title Title
  9. A/D
    by LORN
  10. Days
    by she
  11. Coming Soon 2007-2011
    by Le Matos
  12. phwoa
    by Halley Labs Associates
  13. Monstercat 018 - Frontier
    by Monstercat
  14. BEAST
    by Rabbit Junk
  15. Tears In Rain : A Tribute To Blade Runner
    by Future City Records
  16. Maverick EP
    by SVZN
  17. Lunaria
    by Danimal Cannon
  18. Origin
    by Vanilla
  19. Demoniac
    by VHS Glitch
  20. Nocturn
    by Tonebox