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  1. Perseids (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Arrhythmia, Formal Method
  2. Heim IIIII (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Frank Borjak, 2600, Luddite
  3. Heim IIII (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Frank Borjak, Dep Affect, Moondog
  4. Heim III (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Sentimental Rave, Merimell, CMD, Arrhythmia
  5. Heim II (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Frank Borjak, Huck Farper, Omnicide
  6. Heim I (Limited Edition Vinyl)
    by Frank Borjak, Arrhythmia, Threatening Developments
  7. Wo das helle blasse Licht erstrahlt ist die Dunkelheit um so tiefer (Limited Edition CD)
    by Threatening Developments
  8. THE END OF THE WORLD - Vinyl EP - limited edition
    by NO MORE
  9. the ghos† cat & the witch høuse
  10. Syk2ne: Legacy
    by SK2N
  11. GRIM - Body LP (1.Dec.2020)
    by Grim
  12. GRIM - Primary Pulse LP (1.Dec.2020)
    by Grim
  13. a journey through concern
    by synapscape
  14. The Trickster [FSFR004]
    by Hypnoskull
  15. SciFi (CRUNCH 179)
    Techno Sphere Techno Sphere
    by FLUX Musical Art
  17. Viel Lärm Um Nichts
    by Signalstoerung
  18. The Contemporaneity Of Six Moments
    by Hendekagon
  19. The Dreams I Can't Remember
    by Hendekagon
  20. Sale
    by Hendekagon & Signalstoerung