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Sarah Megan Howery

  1. Richardson, Texas
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  1. Distraction Sickness
    by Dark Rooms
  2. Music From and Inspired By David Sedaris' Calypso
    by Daniel Hart
    Company Man Company Man
  3. Uncertain (Original Score)
    by Daniel Hart
    Last Train Last Train
  4. Music From S-Town
    by Daniel Hart
  5. Lift Off ft. Sam Lao
  6. Filmworks
    by Daniel Hart
  7. I Get Overwhelmed
    by Dark Rooms
  8. Polaroid
    by Dark Rooms
  9. Ode to Autumn
    by PJ Liguori
  10. Old Fashioned Massacre
    by Matthew Gaydos
  11. Thoughts From The Chest
    by Matthew Gaydos
  12. Blog Vrothers
    by Michael Aranda
  13. What Would Hank Green Do?
    by gunnarolla
  14. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
  15. The Orientalist
    by Daniel Hart
    How Can Love Be Wrong? How Can Love Be Wrong?
  16. The Girlfriend Game Original Soundtrack
    by Daniel Hart
  17. Ephemera: Demos and Unreleased Stuff 2007-10
    by Tom Milsom
  18. Cats and Netflix
    by The Doubleclicks
  19. chillout
    by zefrank
  20. scared
    by zefrank
  21. Illinois
    by Sufjan Stevens
  22. Teach Me, Show Me
    by Matthew Gaydos
  23. Mosh Pits And Trampolines
    by Matthew Gaydos
  24. This is a Song
    by Wheezy Waiter
  25. Boys in Books are Better
    by Carrie Hope Fletcher
  26. Organs
    by Tom Milsom
    Having Fun Having Fun
    The atmosphere takes me where I need to be.
  27. Alien Home
    by Tom Milsom
  28. Explorers 6
    by Tom Milsom
    Lines Lines
    "I'll never learn unless it's more uncomfortable for me not to feel."
  29. Do It Anyway (Fragglepella Cover)
    by Liam Dryden
  30. Dark Rooms
    by Dark Rooms
    Keep It Inside Keep It Inside
    I can't stop listening to this album. I get something new with each listen. I love the texturing and layers.