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  1. Samhainn
    by Hand of Kalliach
  2. Samhainn
    by Hand of Kalliach
  3. Illusive Golden Age
    by Augury
  4. The Passage
    by Oubliette
  5. God Ends Here
    by Aeon
  6. Coherence
    by Be'lakor
  7. W.I.B.
    by Ashes of Redemption
  8. Enlightened In Eternity
    by Spirit Adrift
  9. Untrue
    by Black Sites
  10. Blood Spills in Darkness
    by Mictlantecuhtli
  11. Parasite
    by Cult Burial
  12. Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)
  13. Irreverent Opus
    by Mordant Rapture
  14. The Lighthouse (Death Metal)
    by EYE OF PURGATORY (Sweden)
  15. Vile Genesis
    by Inferi
  16. Solitarian
    by Shadecrown
  17. Decay - ThORnMENThORn
    by Loud Rage Music
  18. The Edge of Existence
    by Creeping Death
    by Tribe Of Pazuzu
  20. Blood and Steel
    by Condemned Till Dawn