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  1. Morning Tsunami
    by Hante.
  2. I Was Never Really There
    by Mildreda
  3. Fernes Land (album)
    by Sturm Café
  4. Black Plague
    by Vomito Negro
  5. Infrarouge
    by Minuit Machine
  6. Live & Destroy
    by Minuit Machine
  7. Violent Rains
    by Minuit Machine
  8. Don't Run From The Fire
    by Minuit Machine
  9. Between Hope & Danger
    by Hante.
  10. Redux For A Quietly Deceased
    by Fla Vector
  11. Tempest. Tormenta Edition
    by Tribal A.D.
  12. Tribalism
    by Fla Vector
  13. CUlt
    by Fla Vector
  14. Miles to Midnight
    by Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect
  15. Schwefelgelb & Phase Fatale EBM Techno Tutorial Files
    by Julien Earle
  16. Alarm
    by Orange Sector
  17. CULTURE KULTÜR "Humanity"
  18. Fading Bodies
    by S Y Z Y G Y X
  19. The Graveyard Compilation
    by S Y Z Y G Y X
    by Rue Oberkampf