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  1. Soulful Christmas
    by Jennifer Saran
    Swingin' at Christmas Time Swingin' at Christmas Time
    I love the wide repertoire of songs...that there is something there for every mood, every emotion, every setting. Narada Michael Walden and Jennifer are a great, fun formula. A fabulous album for the season.
  2. Switzerland
    by Lori Lieberman
    I love this track simply because it is about a country which is now home.
    Lori's lyrics and melody as always strike a chord.
  3. Take Me Back to Portland
    by TheSixtiesShift
    A beautiful track to dance to, listen on long drives, or simply in your earphones when you are walking about town aimlessly... soothing beats...put together by a young man who loves Portland, and left behind an unfinished story.
    The use of strings at one point in the track lifts it to a level when you experience the emotional quality of the track.
    Well done, TheSixtiesShift.
  4. Father
    by Lori Lieberman
    A very tender song that reminds us of a tender yet powerful relationship in our lives. Beautifully written lines sung with an equally beautiful emotional quality. Lori Lieberman's lyrics stirs something inside that makes me play her songs over and over again.

    The lines I loved,

    I looked out the window
Before us, the mountains 

    Below us, the rooftops
    You flew me past sorrow
And all I could think of was
    I had my Dad 

    And he had his daughter 

    And we had forever
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  5. Lucky Life
    by Lori Lieberman
    I love the melody, the voice and the lyrics most of all. I love the lines..."everywhere I go the scenery changes, but it's the same old road."

    Also, "all I need is a second chance, this time I won't let it slip through my hands"
  6. Wake Up
    by Jennifer Saran
    Jesus to a Child (Tribute to George Michael) Jesus to a Child (Tribute to George Michael)
    A fantastic album. A great repertoire of songs which justifies Jennifer's amazing vocal range. A real listening pleasure.
  7. Aad Guray
    by Jennifer Saran

    Jennifer's rendition of the "Aad Guray" mantra has moved me beyond words. The use of the horns towards the end lifts the chant to a new level.
    This wonderful Gurmukhi mantra casts a white light of protection to whoever listens to it or chants it.
  8. Ready For The Storm
    by Lori Lieberman
    I recently discovered Lori's music quite by chance sitting here in Geneva while trolling through Bandcamp.
    Lori is a great lyricist. Her songs are honest. Her lyrics lift the song, and she writes on themes that anyone can relate to. Her voice is soothing, and I love the addition of the strings. A lovely rhythmic foot tapping track ...
    favourite lines
    " I was poison, I was toxic, I was venom...."

    A great song!

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  1. Better Than Me
    by Jennifer Saran
  2. Aad Guray
    by Jennifer Saran
  3. Merry Christmas, You Are Loved
    by Jennifer Saran
  4. Merry Christmas, You Are Loved
    by Jennifer Saran