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    by Petur Ben
  2. Easy Music for Difficult People
    by kimono
    Tomorrow Tomorrow
  3. Destrier
    by Agent Fresco
    See Hell See Hell
  4. Yfirgefinn
    by Valdimar
  5. Ryðgaður Dans
    by Valdimar
  6. Corpus Clandestine
    by My Brother is Pale
  7. Coolboy
    by Oyama
    Siblings Siblings
  8. Lazing On
    by Mugison
  9. For the Rest of my Childhood
    by Helgi Jonsson
    Waltz Waltz
  10. Insight
    by Niklas Paschburg
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. God's Lonely Man
    by Petur Ben
    Ocean Ocean
    A wonderful record of an amazing artist whom I stumbled across far too late in my opinion.
    The songs surprise with unexpected changes in pace, key or rhythm and stretch out in front of you like a thick carpet of sound which invites you to float along.
    The lyrics are beautiful and well thought-through, often dark and painfully honest. If it was only about talent in music business and if there was any justice in the (music) world, this guy would score on top of all charts!